For those of you with smartphones or internet at deercamp, use this forum to take us along with you on your hunting adventures. Post pictures from the stand or deercamp. Add comments and updates as you can. We'd love to follow you along on your hunt! Please note that Chasingame assumes no liability if you get busted by that buck of a lifetime while playing on your phone on stand. :mrgreen:
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By Roscoe
Gave the deer a couple of weeks off. Hopefully we'll see more movement than we saw on our hunts in November. Going to deploy our AT&T Spartan GoCams this weekend. Testing out something with them for HCO this weekend before all their firmware is complete.

See y'all in the morning! :mrgreen:
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By Roscoe
In the blind. 46* with heavy cloud cover, looking to be a little drizzly this morning.

My Ltl Acorn reported some pre-dawn visitors to my uncles feeder:

After the group left this big one showed:

As always, pigs are primary targets on the hotlist. We'll see how it goes.
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