Use this forum for the discussion of all things related to the use of cellular trail cameras. The discussion of different models/manufacturers, service providers, problems, tips & hints for ease of use are all welcome here.
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By llbts12
Anyone tried one of these yet? If so, could you share any experiences.

Thank you, Larry
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I have it, it works....not the best pictures....I haven't placed out in the woods yet.

If in the market for a cell camera I would opt for the Ridgetec Lookout Duel, if on a budget then I would opt for the Tactacam Reveal
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By llbts12
Thank you.

Which camera did you put it on? I know that they (Spypoint ) want the camera set on the lowest resolution. That will affect the quality.

I actually bought one and put it on a Browning. I had 2 straight days of problems and was on the phone with Spypoint for quite a while. Finally, they seemed to have got it fixed and it seems to be working well. Its not in the field yet, as I still want to test it further before I put it out.

Customer service and tech support were very good in my experience. That being said, one more Cell Link failure and it goes back to the store. I can't put it out 3 1/2 hours away and have it crash.
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