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This is going to be a long read. After many months deployed as a surveillance camera I thought I would break from the normal game camera usage review of the unit and tell you how it has been working as far as keeping an eye on my trailer which is a few hours drive from my home in PA. I am fortunate that I do have AC power run to the base of the tree where the camera in a lockbox is located. This is the first "server" based cell camera I have owned but I have had a number of direct text cell cameras in the past and quite a few brands of non-cell cameras but never one with a server subscription. I must say this server-based system is so much easier to set up and use plus the fact I can command it remotely is fantastic.

My camper site is located under many large trees and I have experienced some storm damage over the years. With the ability to command a "snap" photo at any time I am able to check on any damage after a storm without having to drive 6 hours RT to make sure everything is Ok at the site. This has been the biggest plus of using this system for me. As far as features, it has every possible feature in the firmware that anyone could want. The fact that I am running on AC lets me use them all. If you are going to run on battery power then YMMV and I am unable to report on battery usage directly on the internal batteries. I do have a solar panel I have not yet installed. If I can get solar to work I will be able to position my camera for different views of the site and not be limited to mounting on that one tree with AC at the base.

So far the camera has not skipped a beat. Have it set to send a "heartbeat" every 2 hours so I know it is always there and ready to do its thing. I can review any photos it has taken on the RidgeTec website or on my iphone. I have it set to send a lower resolution image but I can always request a higher resolution of a photo to my phone or server if I need to take a closer look at something. Pricing for the server service is actually less than what I was paying for my older AT&T data/text plan. I have it auto-billed monthly and receive notifications when my card has been billed. Sounds like it would be complicated to set up but you are up and running in minutes.

Now, as with just about anything, an item is only as good as the support behind it. I can truly say I have never received such personal support on anything I have ever purchased. Questions are answered quickly via email or phone. I can come up with some pretty "weird" questions about things I want to do with the camera and I have not been able to "stump" Anthony on any of them. He knows his product as well as how it compares to others out there. He recommended running the camera on a 12 volt SLA battery being charged by AC in my situation. We talked about solar power and the next thing you know he designed an built a waterproof battery box with AC charger and solar regulator in it all ready to attach the camera and plug into AC. I also purchase my solar panel from his company at a great price.

So, no pictures of hogs, deer or turkey. I do hunt and a second Lookout will be purchased for that use. I do have some great day and night photos or the roof of my trailer (no damage), my neighbor on my deck checking if I am there, some stray cats and such but no "game". If you are looking for a "game camera' you cannot get any better unit for the money which can also double as a great security camera. If you want a camera that can do just about anything then this is the one.

I am impressed!

Thanks everyone!!

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Very nice photos, and stunning scenery.

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