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By popenyoung
I have been using a Ridgetec Lookout Verizon cell camera for the past 6 months. Below is my review of the camera so far. FWIW the past 3 years I have experience with Spartan cell camera too (I use 5 of them).
From Day 1- My initial impressions of the Ridgetec is that it is very well built. The design is well thought out. I feel it is more “bulletproof” compared to my Spartans. The Ridgetec uses 2 antennas vs. Spartans 1. With my limited use, I would say that I feel the Ridgetec got a bit better signal than my Spartan cameras. It is a bit smaller than the Spartan in size to. Registering the camera was very easy (anyone could do it), much more user friendly than others that I have used in the past.
The Plan- Unlike most other cell camera’s you purchase a plan that fits your situation. The cost is depends on how many pictures you anticipate getting and the quality in which you want those pictures sent to your phone. I purchased the 1250 points plan and had the low quality photos for about $6/month. Each low quality picture are worth 1 point. You are able to purchase more points at any time. After about 3 months of use I did increase the quality of photos to medium. Each picture was worth 2.5 points.
Image Quality- The low quality setting allows me to get a good idea on the size of the deer in the photo along with some details on his rack. If I decide I want a better picture of the animal I simply have to request a higher definition picture. Low quality pictures are going to be a bit grainy, but acceptable. High definition pictures are very clear with little to no motion blur. The higher the picture quality the more points it will use in your plan. I did try the video mode out and was very impressed with the video quality and sound.
The App- First off I’ll say it was nice not having to pay for the app like I have to with the Spartan camera. The App does what an app should. It allows you to control the camera and see the pictures. If given the choice on which app I prefer, I would go with the Spartan app (but I am more familiar with the Spartan app so that may factor in my decision a bit).
Camera Range- I removed the camera from the woods last month. After testing this cameras range vs. the Spartan camera I can report that the Ridgetec detected further.
Support Cannot comment on this as I have not needed any support from Ridgetec.

Overall I feel Ridgetec has produced an outstanding camera. It has all the features that I look for in a trail camera. It is also built like a tank. If you have any questions please ask and I’ll answer them as honestly as I can.
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By reaperman
With any app there is a learning curve. One thing that helps that may be overlooked within the app is in the "settings page".
In blue, it says "show help". If you click on the blue help tab, a description of each individual setting is explained. Also if you have a desktop or laptop computer you can access your portal page plus control all aspects of your trail camera as you would within the phone app. I find it easier using a computer to do anything vs a small phone app. What I like about the phone app is that its exactly the same page layout as the website. Normally a website and a phone app are two different beasts. Whereas a website would be easier to navigate. Then having to use a phone app is frustrating because its not like the website, not with Ridgetec.
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