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By bigwied
Hello I just got my new ridgetec lookout setup in my woods and have a couple questions. When you turn the camera on the blue light starts blinking and when it stops blinking the camera takes a picture. Is it supposed to do this and can you stop it from taking a picture at startup and wasting points. I have been getting between 46 to 50% signal during the day and noticed it dropped to 34% in the evening. Is this enough signal or do I need to get a booster antenna? I am going to be adding an external battery to this camera. Do I have to do anything else besides plugging in my battery cord to the 12volt port to make this work? And do I need to use rechargeable batteries in the camera when I am using an external battery. Any help would be appreciated. This is an Thanks. Jeff W
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By Anthony

it does download settings then snap a photo at start up. this lets you know the sd card is ok and there is enough signal to upload. its important as a diagnostic. otherwise people would experience many more issues due to leaving in an unknown status.

if you look under the actions tab and ever see missing image requests or photos come in from an earlier time or out of order then the camera is recovering but having trouble with uploads.

With AT&T it will fall back to 3G. With Verizon its 4G or nothing.

The primary reason for a booster antenna is to make the difference between working and not working. the secondary would be to improve signal which improves battery life.

A diurnal cycle is a real phenomenon that is created in rural areas by the carriers who will change signal strength on towers differently in day vs night. You will see stronger and weaker signals at night vs day time.

I recommend a yagi antenna. We will be carrying a new 20 db yagi antenna soon.
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By Anthony
We carry a cable kit allowing you to connect a battery to your camera. I recommend you get our cable kit so you have the correct cable for the camera.

The external port is 12V.

The camera will operate from 9v to 13v. it will drain a sealed lead acid batter lower than the safe discharge voltage of 10.6. this will harm the battery and reduce its life time.

Our solar power kit uses a solar charge controller to stop the camera from over discharging the camera.

I recommend leaving the internal AA out of the camera.
By bigwied
I bought a camera cable from herd 360 that fits the lookout and have a solar panel hooked up to a 3 amp mini solar controller and a 12 volt 7.5 ah battery. Will the solar controller prevent the camera from getting too much voltage and damaging the camera.? Thanks. Jeff W
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