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I woke up and started checking emails like I always do.

I noticed some paypal transaction emails that re normally junk just to get you to click the link. after more study I realized they were legit. I got nervous.

Immediately I tried to log into PayPal but couldn't. I performed the reset password where they send a code to my phone. Got in and saw around 15 transaction both incoming and outgoing for large sums like 12K, 18K.

I got really nervous. logged into my online banking and no activity since last legit transaction.

Bank was closed due to stupid southerners fear of snow till 11am. so I performed chat with some guy and he assured me no transactions but I went ahead and placed a stop pay on anything outbound to paypal. incoming is ok. so my CG store can still accept payments.

So I decided I had beter scan my pc and MS Security essentials told me I was clean.

I tried to call paypal and hung up after 20 minutes. tried to report fraudulent transaction on website. their website crashes.

Back to the activity. so, no activity on my credit cards or bank accounts. so the net results was.... I now have $7365 more than yesterday!!!!

I called paypal again at 1pm and queue was 1:15 long so I asked for a call back. Its been almost 4 hours. No callback.

I changed passwords again on everything.

Now I am stuck with this money .... :shock:

Here is the really weird part. When I change my password with PayPal I get an email from them stating someone has changed my email and if it wasnt me to call immediately.

Well I only got that when I changed my password and not before. The next thing is.... I got 3 emails with transaction notices but there were like 15 of them.

Why did paypal not send the emails? How can my password change with out me getting an email? Was this a concert of hackers vs paypal and some scheme to move money around so as to create a convoluted paper trail impossible to follow.

I just happen to be on the winning side of the scale but someone else is on the losing side. and I am sure hackers got money somehow. everyone couldn't gain... someone had to be a loser.

Have you heard of this before ????

What should I do if I can't give the money back?
Wow, that's quite odd for sure. Years ago I had to call PayPal about an issue that one of my customers was having when he attempted to make a purchase on my site. My experience was the opposite of yours, a knowledgeable and helpful PayPal rep answered my call and got the issue fixed...I remember being very impressed because I figured that I'd never be able to talk to a real person....

Hopefully you can get everything back to normal. ...and the "bonus funds" back to the rightful recipient.
It gets worse .... Now I have two more transactions from PayPal...

2:25 PM Transfer from PayPal CA Corporate Chargeback
-$7,069.68 USD
2:25 PM Transfer from PayPal CA Corporate Chargeback
-$18,296.34 USD

My new paypal balance is -$18,042.18 USD !!!!!!!!

PayPal says please deposit money into your account.

Note: Thats a negative 18k !!
From this point on. I will no longer use PayPal. I am removing the Paypal option from my store. When I changed my password it required a text message to my phone but some hacker can just change it? No way ....

PayPal security really sux. You will never have an issue like this with Amex ...

I just tried to remove my bank account from my business pay pal account. I get an errror saying This operation cant be completed at this time!!! What bovine pile of excrement. Paypal will not hold me hostage.
Boy, talk about a helpless feeling. What sucks the most is you want immediate resolve but that just won't happen now. I wish you luck and keep us posted.

I was about to tell you the $7000 put into your account was for the 50 trail cams I ordered until I read your last post :D
I just tried to report fraudulent transactions and I get error please try again later. But now I see there is a claim in my list and my account is now under "Limited Access"

Paypal website asked me to provide proof of address as a result of my limited account access. I sent them everything, corporate filing, IRS EIN Assignment, Power of Attorney, 12/3117 Bank statement.

they should have no problem knowing I am not a hacker.

I know one thing. I will not use paypal any more on my store. I will make purchases with cc and accept only cc from here on out.

I have wasted a whole day on this crap.
I have continued all day to cselect each fraud transaction and report it. Now when I do I get back a blank screen with the words:

Total Failure

Thats the only thing on the page .... I think paypal is caput.

I have never been able to buy something with paypal that was more than my balance unless it drew funds from a scredit card or bank account. In my case there is only a bank account and no funds were drawn yet paypal says I owe them $18k+. How is this possible? How can their system allow me to spend money I do not have. I believe this is my only defense.
My feelings about Paypal security have not changed but Paypal did finally reverse all charges and my account balance is back to the correct value as of 10:12pm.

I did finally wait 2 hours for another call back and finally a guy called and would not admit this was a giant problem but I could tell when he did not have an answer to call queues that are 90 minutes long at 8am .... I just said it tells me they have way to many people calling and that there must be something going on. He was probably coached not to say anything but just be polite which he was.
I'm glad to hear that you finally got the nightmare resolved (for the most part). I'm sure that I'd be done with PayPal as well if the situation were to happen to me as a merchant.
That being said, I feel that from a consumer's standpoint, PayPal is the safest way to make online purchases.

My frustrations with PayPal are in the chunkiness of there site when trying to do things such as print monthly sales reports. I'd really like the ability to print a monthly sales report that separates my in-state sales from my out-of-state sales for sales tax reporting purposes. The only way that I've been able to accomplish this is via downloading a vast amount of sales information into a spreadsheet.

I just hope all your information you sent them made it to pay pal and not the hackers...
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