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I'm trying to locate a large buck wounded the first three weeks of December. It's a shame, I've seen him on several of my cameras and he's got a broken right rear leg. I can't tell if it's a gunshot would for sure but it looks very possible.

There are several large plots of CRP (tall grasses and flowers) in the area he was last seen, also some nice hardwood timbers but there's a deep and steep creek between the CRP and timbers. Do you think this deer would try to cross the creek if he wasn't being chased (which he hasn't been) ? The creek banks are vertical in most places, but there are some places that aren't as steep where deer cross. Just wondering where to concentrate my efforts. I'd like to find him before my farm equipment does. I've gotten antlers in my tractor tires before and it's no fun and it ain't cheap !!!
I wouldn't doubt he would lay up until he felt a little better and figured out how to travel with his injury. After he got over the initial shock though, I wouldn't doubt he'd travel, especially if something was after him.
It's been my observation that large bucks for our area if not fatally injured will go to open area and bed down... My guess is they can see danger coming for longer distances... I've hunted open cutovers for years and have seen large bucks do just that... They were too far for me to shoot...

And yes, they'll be able to cover a lot of different terrain when the injury heals a bit...
I've found many fatally shot deer in small creeks and ponds... I never found a cripple deer in either but figure they've been there and gone... My guess is the water help close the wound a bit....
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