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By Flywalker
#154417 I use the cameras as security cameras and WOW they are awesome. However I have one of my cameras in Plot mode so that it will take a picture every 15 seconds all day. I use a MAC BOOK and cannot view the pics. I noticed moultrie has some special software to view the MTL files but it is only for windows. Anyone know how I can view the Pics on a mac?
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By NantucketShedHunter
#154418 I'm a MacBook user as well and have the same problem. Macs don't accept those mini CD's that come with the Moultrie cams.
I think we are out of luck.
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By Anthony
#154425 Their software is designed for windows. THe files are Motion Jpeg AVI's. Rename the XXX.MLT to XXX.AVI and play it on your mac. I think it will play.

You might see if a free copy of vmware will install on Mac. Within it you can install a copy of Windows XP for example and use it for the windows based software.
By Flywalker
#154429 I cant even get the files to show up on my computer. Is there a trick to that? I have tried the USB cable and unfortunately my card reader is at a friends. How do you get them from the card to the computer. Does your mac just automatically pic them up?
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By NantucketShedHunter
#154435 Thanks for that, Anthony. I will try that.
By SportsmanNH
#154442 I just asked my wife who is a real estate agent that has every tech device known to mankind of which I dont have a clue how to use any of them LOL
I know she makes discs featuring houses she has listed from her MAC .
She has VM Ware installed that has windows XP . However the MAC does not have a slot for mini discs. You need a portable disc player that accepts both mini and full size . She uses a portable disc player that she hooks up to her mac for viewing mini discs and making mini discs.
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By custom1
#154449 You can download the Moultrie Plot Stalker software here when you get to the page choose Manuals/Downloads then choose software update. The one below Product Manual. You should see plot_stalker_software_m80-m100-i40xt ... h-dgs-m100
By Epfireman
#210416 I did what Exclr8 said to do and It worked great. Great quality. Major Battery hog though...  I got 9.5 day with lithium batteries and that was also using a moutrie solar panel with the internal battery pack. On regular pic mode with the solar panel and it uses almost no batteries at all... FYI 

exclr8 wrote:For those who use a MAC here is an easy solution to using Plot Stalker Files (.MLT) on a MAC.

Download and install a free program called VLC media player at Then right click the MLT files and select Open With> Other.

Then at the bottom where is says "Enable:" select (All Applications) and also check the (Always Open With) box. Now in the list of applications double click VLC. Now whenever you double click a MLT file it will play it in VLC.

You can even use the application to export your movie to other types of files.

Another option is to change the file extension to .avi and it will open with quicktime.