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By Anthony
#29011 Check out Bob's article here. I think he did a good job don't you ?
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By Roscoe
Darton man wrote:Bob is a good man,if I am not mistaken he started on Tenn. deer doing some of the first 35mm hacks.

Close...he got started in 2006 and was real active and helpful to anyone that needed a hand. His health took a bad turn with back injury.
By Ghostman
#181388 Great article. I am in the process of having Fireman Jim build me a W220 Sony homebrew with a extra flash. Imagine that huh? I was quoted a tad over 300.00 and I supply the camera. Just happen to have one on hand too!

Great info considering the pain with these mass produced cams out here.

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By wolvenkinde
#192803 Thanks the article a couple weeks ago and just checked this thread for the first time....and thats because tomorrow night I start putting together a prehacked nikon l11 kit. Yay!
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By johnnydeerhunter
#351157 It must be broken. Check out Camtrapper or Hagshouse or DIY forums.
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By Anthony
#351160 unfortunately in a migration this article seems to have been lost or misplaced. I am trying to find it now.