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By bigdan25255
Ok guys I need some help, I'm trying to get this RC60 camera working for a friend of mine. The problem is when I put the batteries in, CF card in, turn it on the only thing it does is flash, RECONYX, and a red light flashes too. Never stops flashing, why.
New alkaline batteries, and a 1 gb cabelas card. I tried the card in my computer and I can put and take off files too it. I can't find my old CF to try and see if it's a card issue, I'll keep looking.

Any help guys.

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By swnoel
Try a different card first... mine got sent back and was informed that it could no longer be repaired. I purchased a XR6 after a long 2 year wait to be pleasantly disappointed with it! Sounds like it may have taken it's last shots...

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