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When you play these videos on YouTube you have to make sure it's playing in HD. In the bottom right hand corner there is a little gear you can click on to set it to 720p. I had it set to the ultra setting on video and I think 8mp on picture's. I always set the picture setting the next setting up from 5 mp. With almost no sound I could not keep this camera.
I see. For me I have to turn the volume really high but it is clear and you can hear it but for me sound is really irrelevant and not necessary but if that's what you want and certainly find a camera that will deliver what you want. I'd love to hear see your review of the camera as well
I think this camera would be best for pictures with some kind of backdrop. It is small, easy to hide and does a decent job. Also the burst mode is crazy fast. This thing will crank out the pictures. For a black flash the night pictures are pretty good. I'm not much on pictures, I like video with sound. If pictures are worth a thousand words then video is worth a million. For video I would not use this one. I like hearing the deer walking and grunting. The sound is not good so I will not own any unless they can fix that issue. The video quality is decent for a black flash.
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