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Yes I hope we are onto something now, however there is a problem with my high gain antenna as I'm getting much better performance with the stock blade antenna now. As far as sensitivity goes there isnt a road in my view for 1/2 mile, and I catch it taking pictures on the half hour sometimes like it's taking pictures with a heartbeat. My one lookout is more sensitive than the other I noticed as well, but not to the point of it being annoying. It could all be symptoms of whatever the network is doing to the camera and I'm confident you guys are on the right track. I see my second one is kinda acting the same as the first one now as it's in the same area. Dont worry Anthony I still love the lookout and wouldnt want to be without one!
ok, photos taken on heartbeat.... those are likely missing images being recovered as an action. Don't be confused.

Look under Actions tab for Missing Image requests.

I checked the database and I am correct. I actually see that you issued Remote Control Wake commands, and sometimes there is a settings update and a couple of missing images processed at that time.

Your camera is missing images then recovering them using the Missing Image auto-detection feature designed in the portal for Lookout. The camera will attempt to send a photo several times but sometimes due to poor signal it will fail on all retries.

When next the camera is successful and sends a photo, the server will detect that photos are missing and queue those up as Action Requests. These requests will either be successful or the user must cancel them. If there is just plain not enough signal then even the missing images won't make it which means you basically do not have service in this area.

We attempt in various ways in the background to ensure that photos are delivered which is after all the goal of a cellular camera.

I just wanted to explain this feature here and make sure that readers understand your camera is not a "runaway" taking photos of nothing. you are getting notifications that coincide with heartbeat because the camera is recovering these images from the sd card at the heart beat intervals.
Timestamps on the pictures tell the story of the ones it's trying to catch up on vs ones taken at that moment. I like the feature where it catches up on pics and can be confusing if you got a daylight picture mixed in with the night ones and were not aware of this. I still do get some pictures timestamped on the heartbeat interval, or a bird is setting his watch to every half hour 3 or 4 times in a row just to mess with me. In no way have I encountered a run away lookout, summit 4 I cant say the same. As for this being the cold weather challenge I can say both are still working with temperatures as low as -40 for 2 days in a row now. No good animal pictures though as it gets really slow for me when weather is like this. These thing definately work in the cold.
This winter is really beginning to drag on. Generally when March arrives the sub zero temps are almost non existent. The week ahead isn’t bringing many changes either
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Saskboy wrote: Sun Mar 10, 2019 10:56 pm It was still -37 c overnight 2 weekends ago, we had the longest and coldest winter in 80 years apparently. Was -20 last night still, blah
I think we’re rounding the corner despite the -5f overnight. But we just got another 10” dumping of snow over the weekend. Now roofs are starting cave in on buildings around the state and locally. To top that off we’re forcasted to get over a inch of rain in the next two days. That will raise hell with a lot more roofs that already have multiple feet of snow acting as a huge sponge to hold the coming rain. My day is planned removing snow from a couple buildings here at home, ya. With that said it’s going to be in the 30’s all week, finally.
I'm afraid winters coming here also. Snow tonight/tomorrow and tomorrow night their saying -19F and zero for a high on Tuesday.
Last night here, but I know the temp stamp isnt accurate. My weather station showed out overnight low of -17F. But hey, it im sure it felt like -32. Especially since were not acclimatized to the cold weather just yet.
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All of my cameras currently show the correct temperature (within a few degrees which is acceptable) However some need a calibration.

I have a new firmware that will calibrate the temp and I am looking for a volunteer to load the new firmware. I can push it out remotely for you.

If your camera temp is way off then its a candidate for the firmware update.

Can you let me know ?
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