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By llbts12
So I updated my Covert cell camera to the new 5G. I get to keep the old one. I thought it was very generous of Covert to allow a discounted upgrade.

Anyway, I notice that ATT 3G is operational through 2021. Does this mean that if I open a new account with my new camera, and continue to pay on the 3g camera, that I will have 2 operational cell cameras until the end of 2021?
Thank you for any clarification.
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By Anthony

Are you sure its 5G? did you mean 4G LTE perhaps ?

It is my understading the (if) AT&T does finally sunset 3G at the end of 2021, then suddenly your camera will just stop working on new year's eve but should work until that time. Now it could be earlier than that... who knows.
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By Anthony
It means after that time devices that are 3G only will no longer be able to activate. Since most of the cameras that do AT&T 4G LTE now, also support 3G fallback, I am worried that people who now have a 4G LTE camera but only a 3G signal that they may see little or no service. I proposed this question to AT&T and I was told that by that time all areas that are 3G only will have been replaced with 4G technology on the towers meaning that coverage would get better not poorer.

We will see. Keep fingers crossed.
llbts12, Spartan will do the same thing if you have a Verizon, ATT or US Cellular 3g camera you can purchase a standard 4g model (not the Ghost) for $250 and you get to keep and use your 3g camera too as long as there's service from the carrier.
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By 27jr
Yeah, I’m keeping my AT&T 3G covert black ops and had my brother pay for the upgrades. 2017 was $100 and 2016 was 200. The 2015 is 240. I did that since he wants to get into cellular game cameras. I’m upgrading the 2015 for myself. I currently have the 3 3G AT&T CovertWireless operating and Bushnell 2016 wireless Aggressor and 2019 4G Impulse.

Thanks everyone!!

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