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By PTern
When people are having a bad day at work or things aren't going well, some will go out for a smoke, some take a stiff drink. I hit the 'take photo now' on my Spartan cams. I'm addicted to it! I have been running two Spartan Verizon 3g Cams for a couple of years and love them. To see a picture now of my cabin in the woods or the view from my deer blind, gets me smiling again.
I just purchased a Spartan Verizon 4g cam only to learn it can't 'take a photo now'. This is a catastrophic mistake, a huge step backward by Spartan and the reason I'm returning this camera. I hear the manufacturer suggest workarounds for this error like put it in burst mode or set it to send a pic every hour. It's a bit like chewing on nicotine gum instead of having a cigarette. It's not the same! If someone gets a picture of a trespasser breaking in to their cabin they can't snap a few more pictures to see what's going on. The 3g Spartans would do this, the new 4g cameras won't. Really?

One small step for Spartan - One giant leap backwards for their customer. I'm back in the market for a new camera--
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By Anthony
Spartan is a decent system as I helped to design it. Please take a look at my Ridgetec Lookout Dual camera and accessories. ... cessories/

I am the owner and designed of this camera and software system.
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By johnnydeerhunter
Ptern, where are you getting your data from?
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By johnnydeerhunter
Check with Verizon and see if you have texting on that plan for the camera
By PTern
All devices on my Verizon account allow for texting.
When I first set up this Spartan 4g and saw that it had no 'take photo now', I tried sending it a *500# text. It was shown as sent but never delivered. I took from this, the camera's firmware won't accept it. Reading between the lines of what you're asking, I tried the *500# again today and the camera returned a snapshot. Thank You for this insight! If this continues to work, you saved the sale of a camera.
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By johnnydeerhunter
Keep me posted on how it works for you. 8)

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