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By Laurier Houle
I have a covert black and I've noticed you can get cameras from china for around 1/4 of the price.
now, here is my question can you buy a camera from " china " and get covert for example to send you the little chip for your camera so you can get pics sent to your phone or is there a different way ??
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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By Anthony
first of all... In a Covert camera, the camera programming ... is custom designed to "talk" to the Covert Web portal.

A "China" cam won't have this programming therefore it won't work.

By far your best bet is to buy from USA company with good product support and stay away from an eBay or amazon direct from China product.

By "chip" I assume you mean sim card.

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By April Lee
For wireless cameras, the majority chunk of the expense is not the camera, but the Monthly Bills you pay. Consider the hussle of settup, Q&A, services and returns, wasted field trips due to non-functional camera or untested carrier support, and poor pictures you receive each time, you are far better off to buy quality, field proven wireless cameras from local resellers.

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