This is the place to share all the cool pictures & movies you get from your trail cameras. In other words, if it's not a picture or movie related to a camera problem, it goes here. If it is a picture or movie related to a camera problem, please post it in the appropriate manufacturer forum.
The detection of this video is approx 25+ yards, plus your able to hear the doe grunting as she chases the other doe away from her fawn.

Anthony wrote: Mon Oct 21, 2019 8:11 pm was that a grunt? or a bullfrog ?
how far is that from the camera ?
Thats the deer, the frogs havent been croaking for a couple of months. At first I was figuring the distance of only 25+ yards, but its at least 30 or more. I'm curious myself so I will be putting my range finder to work next time out.
The red tree in the center is 31 yards, and the larger tree on the left side is 20 yards. The small trees with the scrape is approx 18 yds
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With the tree in the middle being 31 yards, the cameras illumination is picking deer up at almost 100 feet as their walking behind the tree

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