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This new feature allows anyone with an account to share their cameras with other account owners and as well to accept shares from other account owners.

Cameras can be shared with or without admin rights. Admin rights can be revoked or reinstated at anytime with a single click.

Security for this feature requires that the recipient also have an account. To accept a share requires the recipient to click an "Accept" button in the share request email sent from the server when the share is created by the camera owner,

Upon acceptance, the new shared camera will show under My Cameras for the recipient. The camera owner and the recipient can remove the share at any time by clicking Unshare. There is no cost to sharing cameras.

Here is a quick how to guide on this feature which should be released within a couple of days.

How to Share Cameras using the Ridgetec Portal and App: (watch this full screen for best results)
With camera sharing the recipient does not need to have cameras but could. they can install the mobile app and get mobile push notifications off your camera. In this case need to to deal with the hassle of all those emails. they can monitor cameras in the app or online as if they belonged to them.

Does that make sense ?
When I add a email address, I get this red notice on the top of the page
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Yes, your "friend" needs to have an account.... :D

talk to your "friend". have them register, activate an account... then you can share. I decided to do it this way otherwise we run into the misspelled email address issue. This way you know you got it right because otherwise you get this error message.
Anthony wrote: Sat Dec 14, 2019 12:53 pm I see Sam got one.... :mrgreen:

Yep, he’s my nephew. Another buddy is on vacation now. Another is hit or miss, but he says he’s going to buy a Lookout like mine. I’m not sure what he’s waiting for, he’s at hunting maniac.
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