Use this forum to display your favorite kill shots no matter what the prey might be. Add before and after photos of the animal off your scouting camera or bow cam, etc. if you have them and please tell us about your successful hunt. Vendor & pro staff kill shots "featuring" products need to go in the vendor forum. Thanks! :-)
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By reaperman
There doesnt appear to be any around my place so I hung some snares at work.
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By reaperman
No idea this year, so far. Last year any coyote I got was rubbed so bad they were worthless. I met a retired gentleman a few years ago who traps for a hobby. It keeps him young he says. Anyway, I give anything I trap to him unless I want a pelt for my basement, etc. He does the dirty work of skinning, fleshing, etc, but loves it. He even picks up road kill racoon's to skin out. At the end of the season he sends the hides to the auction. Any money that comes in I let him keep, even thou he tries to pay me something.

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