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By reaperman
I hung a few cameras this evening and noticed just how much they stick out this time of year. The camouflage color on most of my cameras has some shade of bright green. I've probably gone over this topic before but honestly, why more manufacturers havent noticed that tree bark is mostly comprised of certain shades of grey, not green and light brown mixed. I'd have to think they pay some royalty fee to use some of the more popular camo colors like realtree, etc. So they should at least get the proper color.

I also noticed the same thing when recently looking for a new turkey vest. The dominating colors are bright green and bright brown. Wearing a color like that around here in the early spring would be like trying to hunt turkeys with blaze orange. Ok, I think I feel better now.
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By reaperman
I took matters into my own hands on this rainy, quarantined day. I found the one and only can of paint I had lying around. Luckily it was a suitable color. Its a very heavy, pasty paint used for concrete floors and outside decks. The finish is very rough and matted, like bark. I painted 6 cameras this color.
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By reaperman
Anthony wrote: Sat Mar 28, 2020 7:24 pm I hope you didn't paint over the day night sensors. I suppose they are within the led array area ?
Now you tell me. The sensor is the little circle just outside the LED bank at the 7 o’clock position which I did paint over momentarily. Luckily I noticed it while the paint was wet.
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