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By Anthony
I got this antenna in this week and got it set up on my drive way cam at my house today. first of all it works. Using my Lookout Dual on Verizon, and watching the screen I noticed the changes in the signal strength as I rotated it and was able to zero it in on the tower.

I already have a strong signal so I won't see a miraculous improvement. I am not 100% signal but you can't go any higher than 100, you know what I mean.

The signal increased from 65.63% to 78% using the yagi. I am going to hook it up to one of my AT&T cameras in the woods tomorrow which has a poorer signal to see if I get a more dramatic improvement.

It is also hard to beat the factory antennas is another issue. If they weren't very good you would see a big improvement but because the dual antennas are already high gain, all the booster antennas only seem to show a marginal improviement when your signal is already good.

If your signal is poor or marginal then a booster may make the difference between 3g and 4g or even working vs not working.
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By Anthony
If I decide to resell this one I can get the cable in black and as far as I can tell it will make no difference if you spray paint it green or brown for the woods. It is aluminum.

If I keep in permanently in the woods I will spray paint it.
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By reaperman
So this is a directional antenna? So I wasn’t too far off base when I was trying my “recycled directv dish hack”. It’s too bad RF signal strength meters are so costly, they would zero in the antennas position.
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By Gforce
Make sure it is tuned for 700MHz. Upper 700MHz generally spans 746-788MHz with Verizon because that is what the 4g band is on otherwise it may be picking up 3g. Normally Yagi's are not universal .
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