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By SquirrelyDan
Also how are upload times? I understand that its all dependent on signal percentage and file size but does anyone have some examples? Does anyone use a larger antenna?
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By reaperman
Anthony will most likely explain things better. But from a users standpoint, when the camera is tripped by a animal, the notification/photo sent to your phone is within a few seconds, its fast. If you request the photo that was just taken, that photo or video will be sent to your phone after the next time your camera trips or otherwise the next scheduled heartbeat. So if the camera trips again within a few minutes, the requested file will be sent then. Otherwise its sent on the next heartbeat. You setup a heartbeat schedule in your user settings when you setup your camera. This heartbeat contacts your phone on this scheduled setup. I have my heartbeat set for every 4 hours. So every 4 hours the heartbeat will notify my phone the status of my camera. Signal strength, battery level, sd card space, point levels, etc.

Point Cost per Upload:
Upload Resolution Photo Mode Video Mode
Low 1 1
Medium 2.5 2
High 4 3
HD 720p 7 6
High Res MAX/HD 1080p- 13 11
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By Anthony
SquirrelyDan wrote: Tue May 26, 2020 1:29 am ok thanks. how many points would an upload for a photo in the highest quality and resolution cost?
Here is the pricing page:

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