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Mike8623 wrote: Sat Aug 15, 2020 1:19 pm Reaperman............there is your bear. Not really a shortage of bears up here especially those Grizzlys, They really don't have any enemies and most have 2 cubs at a whack and lots of food herebouts so they are doing real well............their needs to be a season on them (maybe 2 tags a year in this area) or send a bunch of them to other states and see how that works, maybe a dozen wolves and a couple of grizz to new york central park.
I'll take him! Set him up with a new pair of sneakers and send him eastward. I have a 55 gallon barrel 1/2 full of donuts and sweet rolls waiting for his arrival. Today was the first day we could place bait. A local bakery is giving me all of the day old sweets. I have three freezers plump full already and picked up another 100lbs or so yesterday. I pickup day old sweets twice per week. Luckily I have friend who is baiting so he's taking some off my hands. In the photo you can see the white drum by the big oak tree. The last tree you see to the right of the drum is my Ridgetec camera. In the Y about 8' up, you can kind of see a big grey, tool box. Inside of the toolbox I have a car battery powering the Lookout.

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Mike8623 wrote: Sat Aug 15, 2020 5:37 pm Ok got it.....good luck on that bear.....I'II save the sneakers for this guy and if you have no luck I'll tell this bear to pack cause he is traveling.
Keep sending us photos, you live in a very unique part of the country, it’s almost like a zoo, only better.
We live about 2 miles or more off the pavement on a dirt road. We frequently see bear tracks headed down the road. Sometimes in the spring before all the snow melts we will see tracks in the snow. Sometimes in the winter we will see a moose on the road, snow covered dirt road, the snow is so deep the poor moose won't get off the road and you have to kinda chase it down the road to get home. I feel so sorry for the moose. Every once in awhile we have to be plowed with a d7 cat, I wouldn't live anywhere else though.
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a few more pics[img][/img
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I'm loving these cameras. Have to get one more before it snows too much to set it out

Did you check out that temperature on the lion picture? Snow on the mountain, winter right around the corner
Mike8623 wrote: Tue Sep 08, 2020 11:14 am
Did you check out that temperature on the lion picture? Snow on the mountain, winter right around the corner
Brrrr, we might touch some frost tonight also, 36 for the predicted low. What elevation are you at?
Here's my Lockboxes.

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