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I am very glad to see that Browning has now included a "CAPTURE TIMER" feature on the latest models of their trail cameras which allows the camera user to limit the time period for which the camera's functions are active, for instance users can now tell the camera that they only want to take photos and/or videos from say beginning at 7 am and to stop at 7 pm.

Not sure if this feature is on all of the latest Browning models but it is on the spec ops edge BTC-8E model.

IMO, this is a great feature that needs to be incorporated on all trail camera brands and models.

some of my cheaper chinese cams even have that feature.
what use would it have? i'm guessing for a particular time when you know something is happening at. it couldn't be set for long, as that would surely kill the batteries and fill the memory card.
I think you are misunderstanding this.

The camera is not ON "functioning" constantly during the chosen time period but is on functioning during that time range/period only IF it is activated via motion, etc., i.e. not just sitting there taking photos or video the whole range of the set period.
What use do start-stop times have? When we are at our camp, I set my security cameras (the ones watching the cameras and sheds) to start at 9 PM and stop at 6 AM so they take pictures if there's any motion at night but don't take pictures of us coming and going all day.

One of my friends used to run a camera on a water tank. During the summer, the camera would trigger during the afternoon for no reason at all so he just turned the camera off during that time, using start stop times.

Or someone may want to monitor their food plots only from just before daylight until dusk to see if deer are moving during shooting hours.

Someone monitoring a construction site may only want photos from the time the site shuts down until the time it reopens.

There are many reasons someone may want to use start stop times. Better to have the capability and not need it than need it and not have it.
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