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By CanadaJack
When I first opened the package I could see and feel this was a budget camera. Setting it up was easy just like all my other cams, noticed that battery strength is measured by bars instead of numbers, no big deal. Set it up for 1 min. videos and took it out to the bush. It's been out there 2 months in some pretty cold, snowy and rainy conditions. Daytime video quality is pretty good, a little grainy but the surprising thing is the night vids , they are the clearest of all my cameras. After 2 months my batteries are still at 4 bars. All in all I'm pretty impressed with this cam and for the money ( $125 cdn ) I would buy another one.
By picdic
that's good stuff. gotta like it when a cam pleases. I think night pics/videos are the most important thing in a cam. of course they are going to work during the day, that's a given. what really tells the truth, is how they stack up at night. I know in all my areas, night is when everything is moving. and a couple spots, all the bucks are completely nocturnal, even in the spring.
I don't even need the farthest flash range. but at least give us proper illumination of the whole field of view.
By CanadaJack
Year 2 of using this camera I learned that it is better used on a bush trail than on an open field because of the night detection range. Other than that it's been a solid performer for me in all conditions.
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By reaperman
Do you still have it set for 1 minute videos? To me that would be a battery drainer, are you using lithium?
By CanadaJack
Yes, still set for 1 min videos. I've started using Duracell Quantums in all my cams. I ran this cam with a Browning external battery pac from the 1st of June til the end of November, probably took over 200 videos in that time and still had 3 bars on the external pac.
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