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By Anthony
I could probably help him but I am just too busy right now. Let anyone there know they can post here freely without any bull crap or censorship. If those guys still want a place to go, they are welcome here.

In the past we had moderators and admins helping me. At this point it is only me so no one needs to deal with some moderator's political views etc. I prefer to be as hands off as I can.

If you start posting porn I may have to jump in (especially if the porn is no good) :mrgreen:

Just kidding but you get my point. :D
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By Anthony
Years ago, from what I heard there was some political division among members at CG and some guys (quite a few) went off and started that forum so they could do their own thing I suppose. I never knew exactly the details.
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By Ol Arky
I enjoyed both. But I'm just an ol fart as it comes and one day at a time... I hate to see it go but I understand the problems and time involved in the of hosting and maintaining a public forum.
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By WoodsWatcher
snakelk wrote: Thu Sep 05, 2019 10:37 am First time I've ever heard of such a site. I must be in the dark.
Same here. I don't post anywhere else but I've come across a lot of places looking into these cams etc.

I noticed if you go to the homepage-, there's no way to get to the forum. Or am I missing something...
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By WoodsWatcher
Thanks. It's asking for me to log in but clicking "board index" takes me to the full forum.
It's just strange the home page has no clickable link. Either it was taken down or all this time people may have come across that particular page of the site and never saw the forum.
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By csb
Slay has always had a Forum, as long as I've been over there.
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