Bolymedia (Bolyguard/Scoutguard) Camera Discussion
By KateOD
I have an MG984G-36M camera, I've chosen the Molnus option to receive the pictures, I've followed all the steps and the camera is not sending any images, i've tried to send an image in set-up mode, but the image does not appear in Molnus either.

I have input my Apn settings in the camera for Vodafone Ireland, I've tried and
Do I have to download the BMC config software and input any settings and save to the SD card?

Also I'm thinking now that it may be the battery's that are wrong, each on is 1.2 volts, maybe i should try lithium battery's..

Any ideas??
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By Anthony
Standard alkaline batteries should have a voltage of 1.6+. Are these AA batteries? Rechargeable ones are around 1.2.

Too low voltage can definitely cause a cellular camera not malfunction because the cell modem requires high power.

I have no experience with your model however. Try Lithium AA. do you have the energizer Lithium AA? I know they are expensive.
By KateOD
Yes the camera takes 8 AA batteries, I'm just after buying a pack of 4 of the energizer Lithium batteries, couldn't get another pack as they did not have them, I'll try it out and see if it's only the batteries, but I think there may be something else I'm missing..
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By Anthony
Yes most likely one of two things. Always rule out the most obvious first. SD card, Battery Power. If a cell cam an't write to sd card, it wont send pics... you see what I mean ?

1. Your sim is not active.
2. You have the wrong APN
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By April Lee
Some regions' BG984G does not work on Molnus yet, which is still being developed. Check with Molnus or your reseller on the support of the models on Molnus.

The new 4G-LTE models, BG584G, BG310-M, BG636, and the revision of BG668 will all support Molnus.

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