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By reaperman
I think this fisher found a dead deer. My neighbor made a bad shot on a doe over the weekend, then it started raining so he lost the blood trail. Tonight while walking to my stand I saw some turkey vultures perched in a tree. I figured the lost doe wandered onto my property. I checked a nearby camera and a lot of crows were tripping my camera the past couple days. Then I saw this fisher picture on the same sd card. I dont know what its eating but it doesnt look like a small critter. I didnt find the deer, but I didnt look either.
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By reaperman
WoodsWatcher wrote: Thu Oct 10, 2019 10:03 pm Would be interesting to have a cam on the dead deer if you ever come across it. No Fishers around here...
I found the deer this morning with the help of a flock of crows disrupting my AM hunt. The doe turns out to be a small buck. My neighbor needs glasses. I called him to say I came across the deer and sent a photo. He said that couldn’t have been it ( it was). Anyway, in 5 days Mother Nature once again didn’t let anything go to waste.
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