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Historical Announcements

Announcement (2008) Date Reported
  2008 Chasingame Member "Best of" slideshow 12/01/2008
  Cuddeback Capture IR pulled from Cabelas 10/18/2008
  Four Camera sensing Shootout 10/14/2008
  Scoutguard SG550 Firmware Update Available 07/21/2008
  Scoutguard Quality Control Policy 06/14/2008
  Reconyx Graph Pack Software 05/20/2008
  WingScapes Birdcam: Perfect gift for Mothersday 05/02/2008
  StealthCam: Digital video Stamping 05/01/2008
  HuntingCamOnline introduces new IR camera 02/11/2008
  Bushnell introduces new accessories, etc 01/29/2008
  StealthCam: New Models and technology 01/22/2008
  Predator Trailcams: Xtinction 01/22/2008
  Reconyx Announces Rapidfire Covert IR 01/16/2008
  2008 The Rumor mill 01/16/2008
  Buckeye cam announces Apollo 01/16/2008


Announcement (2007) Date Reported Date Updated
  Shootout: Moultrie M40 vs Stealth I450 09/18/2007  
  Chasingame Interviewed by Augusta Chronicle 08/29/2007  
  IR Photo Contest/User Poll 08/16/2007  
  Shootout: Battle of the Wildviews 08/11/2007 08/13/2007
  Shootout: Moultrie D-40 vs. Wildview 4.0 07/24/2007 07/29/2007
  BuckeyeCam Press Release 07/12/2007  
  Moultrie firmware release is available now 07/09/2007 09/19/2007


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