What our site is about and why we test trail cameras
In the past, there have been a lot of trail cameras produced that were of poor quality and did not function as advertised. The folks at the American Sportsman (a local retailer in Martinez, Georgia) have had a bit of experience with these and found that most of the cameras that were sold were returned due to truly poor performance and instructions that were impossible to follow. Now they are doing things differently.  They have sold to us a number of different cameras for field testing.  This was done to aid future buyers and to prevent them from possibly ending up with a scouting camera that functioned like the early models.

We started Chasingame.com in 2005 and added our discussion forum that same year.

All cameras that were field tested did work but in some cases very poorly. Scouting Camera Reviews provides a list of cameras tested to date and our unbiased findings. These cameras in some cases have a multitude of options that can be selected. Most of our tests were using 24 hour settings with flash, highest sensitivity, lowest image delay, and one picture per event.

As time allows, we will take each camera through all of its modes like movie and time lapse. When a camera is found to be a very poor performer we will stop the testing in order to allow more time to be spent on new incoming models and better performing cameras.

Here at ChasinGame we focus on Game Scouting Cameras.  We provide in depth reviews on Moultrie, Recon Talon, Recon Extreme, Leaf River, Leaf River IR, Cuddeback, Kolpin Wild Life Eye, StealthCam, TrailMac, Bushnell, Wildview and BuckEyeCam. Models include both film and digital models, still frame, movie, day and night time operation.

We hope that you enjoy our site as well as leave with something valuable.  We love what we are doing! So, keep checking back for updates!

How to use our site
Scouting Camera Reviews This page provides a detailed review and chronology of our ongoing studies with each manufacturer and model we have tested thus far.
Our Camera Analysis This page provides our overall impression on scouting camera's in general.
Hints and Tips This page provides you with information that is not normally obvious upfront when you buy your first camera.  It was through a lot of trial and error that we arrived at most of these tips.  Studying this section will save you much time and heartache when you take your camera to the field.
Things not to do This page details the most common mistakes we've made during our ongoing testing with these cameras.  We still make mistakes but if you are aware of these things and make a mental check sheet in the field you can avoid these problems.
Camera Mounting This page examines our experimentation with alternative mounting brackets for various reasons that we explain.  A tree is not always the best solution.
Camera Projects This page examines a few more camera related home manufacturing we've done to achieve certain goals.  Take a look.

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