50ft Flash Range Comparison Page

In this set up we have a camera stand that is fixed at 50 feet from the target "buck".  The goal here is to show the relative flash strength of different cameras while keeping the set up as identical as possible.

As time passes we will continue to update this page with new cameras so keep checking back.

Note: These are thumbnails. click on them to get a larger version.

For flash tests of various IR cameras performed with the Uway Xtendir-I click here.


Infra Red Flash Cameras  
BuckEye Cam Apollo (red flash) BuckEye Cam Apollo XIR (black flash)
Reconyx RC60 (black flash) Reconyx RM45 (Lo Glo red flash)
Reconyx RC60 (black flash) HIGH OUTPUT  
Predator Xtinction (high illumination) Predator Xtinction (low illumination)
HCO Scoutguard SG550 Timber Eye/Remington Ghost IR FLASH
StealthCam STC-I540 Moultrie I60
Leaf River IR7 Moultrie I40
Spypoint IR-C Bushnell Trophy Cam
Spypoint IR-A Spypoint IR-B
StealtCam Sniper STC-DVIR4 WildGame Innovations IR4
WildView IR5 (STC-TGL5IR) Spypoint PRO-X
Spypoint FL-A (infrared) WGI D6 (IR Flash)
Moultrie i45 StealthCam Prowler HD
White Flash Cameras  
StealthCam STC-I590 White Flash Timber Eye/Remington Ghost WHITE FLASH
GobbleCam P41 White Flash Cuddeback Capture White Flash
TimberView White Flash WildGame Innovations S2
Wildview EZ Cam Tasco 3MP White Flash
Spypoint FL-A White Flash WGI S1.3 White Flash
WGI D6 (White Flash) WGI S4 (White Flash)




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