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2010 Spypoint FL-A 4 MP white/red flash digital camera.

This is the same camera that we reviewed in 09 but with improvements.

Please refer to the 09 review for all the normal description and specifications and this review will concentrate on all of the new improvements. This company is like Leaf River because they are working year around making upgrades to their existing cameras plus inventing just what new stuff they can come up with for the next year. Just because it may look the same from a distance you can bet there are a bunch of unseen changes and also a few that you can see.

Once we get further into things it is our plan to put a few of these little bombs up against each other in a little shootout.


From the Spypoint Engineers:

Here are the mechanical modifications:
  • Easier manipulation of the LED and FLASH module:  We added a plastic part to be easier to remove or install the modules.
  • The outside housing is now with a rough finish which is better to does not reflect the sunshine and the housing will be more difficult to scratch.


Here are the electrical modifications:

  • Changed some parts to be more resistive at cold temperatures, down to -22 Fahrenheit.
  • Changed some parts in the power supply to reach a very low power standby mode. (100 uA) So, it increases the battery life of around 5 times.
  • Flash module is more stable.


Here are the firmware modifications:

  • Charge the flash to be ready for a picture only in PHOTO mode (improves the battery life in video mode)
  • Correct the problem of occasional white out pictures during the rising and falling sun.
  • Write “LOC” on LCD if the customer forgets the card with its switch in lock the position. So, no more bad surprises.
  • Write the amount of pictures in real time on LCD after each recorded picture or video.
  • Changed the calculation of the battery level to be more precise and it extends the battery life.


As I said above, some things you can see and some are hidden. This slick little camera has earned some respect from us so far during the past year of hard use. Now we are going to put this camera through its paces and see if these written claims are actually there.

04/10/2010 Update:  We tested the trigger times this morning and we see an improvement over the original version.  The trigger times came in at 2 seconds with and with out flash.

04-11-2010 update:  Our short time with this camera has raised a couple eyebrows as to just how good a couple of the new updates have been received so far. The first is the mat look to the case is a big “wow” compared to the last years look. It hides very well on a tree and with a couple of new spring sprigs of vegetation stuck around the cam it becomes hidden very well. This cam would benefit some from one of the great mask covers to the arrays like Reconyx came up with for their new cams this year. The picture quality for the day shots is sharp and clear but still has that small amount of fuzz in the night pictures. The flash range shows very good flash range in the IR hookup and we will get to the white flash very shortly. This camera is also a candidate for the new Uway Extendir flash setup which we will also test and show the results. So far we are favorably impressed with the performance during the initial testing.

04-18-2010 update:  Another week or so under the trees and we have managed to get some really nice clear pictures. This camera comes in the white flash version for just over a hundred dollars. We tested the Cudde Capture white flash and it had a slightly faster trigger time but the only thing it would do is take pictures with a delay that seemed to be a week long. The support at Spy Point is far superior to that other company also. This camera will do video and pictures with a very low delay plus so far we have not seen all the card issues that all the Captures had. This camera is about half the size and has better security features. I hate to single out a brand name for comparison but even the Moultrie white flash has better features than the Capture. I would say that for the price you could either have a switch able red/white flash FL-A or even two white flash FL-A cameras and still be in the price range of a single Capture. I tried and was actually able to call someone on the phone and speak with them about the Spypoint cameras. That is something that we were not able to do during several attempts to acquire information on the 2010 Cudde lineup for our report on 2010 cameras. I am much more pleased with what we are seeing so far with this camera than what we saw last year but one thing for sure the last year’s camera is very much upgradeable as far as firm ware is concerned. We are presently stopped on our Bushnell XLT review because of waiting for a final release camera which we thought we had after making a couple catalog purchases. So the shoot off is on hold for now.

05-29-2010 update:  Running battery life since 4-10 and so far we have collected 2087 pictures and the battery reads 50%. We managed to catch our first fawn picture this year with this camera but it was in the transition so we did not get it in color. Everything so far is running good with this camera.

06-20-2010 update:  We went today and checked this camera and the batteries were dead. What was strange is that it had not taken another picture since our last report yet the cells were dead. The camera took a total 2088 photos which is respectable. We had intended to do a three camera shootout with this camera and the Bushnell XLT along with the Scoutguard 560. Well we had to cancel that plan because we have not been able to keep any of the Bushnell’s running long enough to do that test. The Scoutguard is deployed and will get brought back in sometime soon. Maybe when the new WGI mini and the Stealth Mini get here we can set up something then. This is still a slick working camera.

07-08-2010 update:  Out of curiosity we dug up another set of batteries and re deployed this camera and let it run another two weeks to make sure we did not experience a problem because of the way it had shut down. It just went on its merry little way taking pictures as before without issue. We have really enjoyed working with this camera and we have been notified that we have two more new items inbound from this company so we are going to go ahead and close out for now and possibly a little later as we get a weather change get it back out in the deep woods down south. This review is closed.



Flash Range
(click the pics for full size originals)

day time

infrared flash


Uway XtendIR-B Black Flash Conversion
Samples - White Flash/High Res

More Samples - White Flash/High Res

Samples with IR Flash


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