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We were surprised to find out that in many cases catalog publications are 6 months to a year behind the "current" technology and that in many cases products have newer features and updates not explained in the retailer's catalogs.

Announcement Date Issued
WingScapes Birdcam - Mother Day 05/02/2008
StealthCam: "Digital Video Stamping" 05/01/2008
Reconyx Rapidfire Covert 01/16/2008
Buckeye Cam Apollo 01/16/2008
StealthCam - News Release 10/12/2006
Moultrie Press Release 05/2007
Moultrie Press Release 06/2007
BuckeyeCam Press Release 07/2007



Issue Date: October 12, 2006



News Release:                                                              Media Contact:  Kim Cahalan

For Immediate Release                           







Stealth Cam and Good Sportsman Marketing, leaders in the category of digital and 35mm scouting cameras, have recently licensed their patents covering the Burst Mode™, Test Mode and Optical View Finder features to Moultrie® Game Cameras. 


  • Burst Mode™ technology, taking multiple  pictures per triggering event, capturing MORE pictures in a FASTER amount of time than ANY other scouting camera on the market, or select the video option to take up to 10 seconds of video footage per triggering event.
  • The Test Mode takes the guess work out of camera placement with its unique camera alignment function.  By simply mounting the camera and setting the function to TEST, approach the camera head-on and then from both sides walking perpendicular to the camera.  The green LED on the front of the camera housing will then illuminate when you have entered the camera’s PIR  and image capturing range giving you a complete assessment of the camera’s full coverage area. 
  • The Optical View Finder used in conjunction with the external shutter button assures optimum field of view and doubles as a hand-held digital camera. 


Stealth Cam constantly strives to develop new and innovative technologies making game scouting more efficient thus resulting in  greater success in the field. 


Founded in 2000, Stealth Cam, LLC offers digital, 35mm and specialty cameras, along with a comprehensive line of field-proven camera accessories. For more information, contact: Stealth Cam, LLC, 3923 Oceanic Drive, Oceanside, CA 92056, Phone: (760) 450-1006,



Moultrie Launches New Camera Line-Summer 2007

Moultrie Launches New Camera Line-Summer 2007

Summer 2007, Moultrie launches a new line of digital game cameras to include two infrared and three flash cameras. These new cameras built on a D-cell battery platform provide impressive battery life. These cameras also boast a quick trigger time so you never miss a shot. Moultrie’s new line of GameSpy® cameras is feature-rich for the most demanding outdoorsman with a price that won’t break the bank.

I-40 & I-60
Moultrie’s infrared cameras, the I-40 and I-60, share a great number of features, such as 50-foot infrared flash, color day and infrared night pictures, 150 day battery life and night video clips. Each camera is impressive but the I-60 is the choice for those who want it all. This winning camera is a 6.0 mega-pixel resolution infrared camera with no visible white flash and includes a 1.5-inch built-in picture and video viewer. Activate the I-60 camera to take a picture from your treestand with the included wireless Remote Activator. The Remote Activator also initiates a LED signal to help you locate your camera after a long stint away from the woods. Both I-series cameras include moon phase, temperature, date, time and camera id stamped on the picture. Additionally, the I-60 also provides a barometric pressure reading. To deter theft, the I-60 can be password locked to prevent unwanted access to the camera. The I-series retails $229-$329.

M-40, M-60 & D-40
The D-40, M-40 and M-60 round out Moultrie’s GameSpy® series, offering a camera for every need and budget. The D-40 is the perfect choice for a beginner featuring 4.0 mega-pixel resolution, 45-foot flash, color and night pictures plus daytime video clips. The M-series takes it to the next level and matches the same great features found in the I-40 & I-60 cameras, using white flash illumination instead of infrared illumination. Quick trigger time and long-lasting 150 day battery life make the M-series cameras stand out against the competition. The D-40 retails at $119. The M-series retails $199-$269.

Company Description
Moultrie is the No. 1 selling brand of wildlife management equipment in the industry. Moultrie develops and manufacturers feeders, spreaders, game cameras and accessories for turkeys, deer, hogs and fish. With over 25 years experience Moultrie is an expert in game observation and management. Moultrie is a division of PRADCO Outdoor brands. You can visit Moultrie on the web at



(AFFECTS I-60, I-40, M-60, M-40, D-40, DGW4.0,


Recent publications have misstated the option of using solar panels with Moultrie’s new 2007 camera line. Moultrie cameras requiring D-cell batteries are not compatible with any type of solar panel, including the Moultrie brand solar panel.

Forums, websites and publications have misinformed readers to install rechargeable batteries in order to use a solar charger, this statement is also false.

To achieve extended battery life Moultrie only suggests using the 12-volt external power port option available on all 2007 camera models (as listed above).

Moultrie stands behind its newest camera technology and customers can expect exceptionally long battery life with current use of D-cell batteries. Please contact our customer service department with any questions, (800) 653-3334.


150 Industrial Road

Alabaster, AL 35007


BuckEyeCam Press Release July 12, 2007

Beta Repeater Firmware for ORION System is available.

We have beta version of firmware for ORION camera system with repeating

This new feature allows a camera to transmit pictures to the base
through other cameras. Now the customers will be able to use the ORION
system in a terrain that prevented that from placing the camera in a
desired location because there was no direct link to the base. All they
would have to do is to setup the camera to transmit pictures through
another camera.

Below is a picture illustrating the capabilities. The second picture
shows the same network presented in the software.

In addition to that, one can significantly extend the wireless range of
the system. Any camera can be configured to act as a repeater.

This feature fill be offered as a standard firmware update to the
system. Those who are interested, can get a beta version to try now.
No hardware change is required. All a customer has to do is to install a
new version of the software and firmware.

Athens, OH
Phone: (866) 325-8172




StealthCam: Digital video Stamping

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