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2014 Scouting Camera Tests (Current)
  Manufacturer/Model Last Updated
Primos TC Ultra 46 Camera Review 09/21/2014
Bushnell Trophy Cam 119636 Camera Review 09/21/2014
Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Max Camera Review 09/20/2014
Recon Outdoors HS300 Camera Review 09/22/2014
Primos TC Blackout Super Charged Camera Review 09/20/2014
HCO Scoutguard SG560PV Camera Review 06/07/2014
Moultrie A8 Camera Review 09/12/2014
Stealth Cam G42NG Camera Review 09/12/2014
Stealth Cam G30 Camera Review 09/12/2014
Moultrie M-880c Camera Review 05/31/2014
Moultrie M-880i Camera Review 09/12/2014
Hunten Tactix Elite Camera Review 09/12/2014
Uway VH400HD Camera Review 05/03/2013
2013 Scouting Camera Tests
  Manufacturer/Model Last Updated
Browning Spec OPS Camera Test 07/23/2013
Bushnell Trophy Cam HD MAX 8mp Camera Test 12/08/2013
Cabelas Outfitter Series LED White Flash 10mp Camera Test 12/24/2013
Cabelas Outfitter Series Black IR 8mp Camera Test 08/18/2013
Recon Outdoors HS200 Camera Test 04/03/2013
Browning BTC-2 Camera Test 06/02/2013
Oldboys Ltl Acorn 6210MM GSM Camera Test 06/02/2013
Moultrie M990 black flash Camera Test 06/02/2013
Moultrie M880 red flash Camera Test 06/02/2013
Primos Truthcam Blackout Super Charged black flash Camera Test 12/08/2013
Primos Ultra Blackout black flash Camera Test 06/17/2013
Primos Ultra 46 red flash Camera Test 07/02/2013
Primos Ultra 35 red flash Camera Test 08/18/2013
Uway MB500 MMS Black Flash Camera Test 02/22/2013
HCO Panda GSM Camera Test 01/22/2013
HCO Panda Camera Test 01/22/2013
2012 Scouting Camera Reviews
  Manufacturer/Model Last Updated
ICOTec Sasquatch Camera Review 01/31/2013
HCO Scoutguard SG560C Camera Review 02/18/2013
Primos Super Model II Camera Review 12/18/2012
Moultrie LX-50 IR Black Camera Review 07/18/2012
Moultrie LX-30 IR Camera Review 07/10/2012
Wildgame Innovations WGI Elite 5 Camera Review 06/27/2012
Wildgame Innovations WGI Enhanced  Red 2 Red 4 Red 6 Camera Review 12/01/2012
Hunten Outdoors GSC35-50IR Camera Review 09/06/2012
Primos Ultra 35 Camera Review 06/27/2012
Wildview TGLX8IRNG Camera Review 07/14/2012
Bushnell 119512 B Camera Review 07/14/2012
Leupold RCX Series Camera Update 06/02/2012
Primos Turkey Tracker Camera Review 06/05/2012
HCO Scoutguard SG560K-8M Camera Report 05/30/2012
Primos Ultra 46 Camera Review 08/03/2012
Primos Ultra Black Out Camera Review 09/17/2012
Spypoint Tiny-W Camera Review 06/03/2012
Spypoint IR-7 Camera Review 08/18/2012
Spypoint HD-12 Camera Review 06/03/2012
Spypoint BF-7 Camera Review 07/14/2012
WGI Micro White Camera Review 08/27/2012
Moultrie LX50IR Camera Review 04/28/2012
Uway VH200B Camera Report 06/24/2012
Uway U150 Camera Report 06/03/2012
EYECON Storm Camera Review 06/21/2012
Custom1enterprises Camo Adhesive Review 04/22/2012
Custom1enterprises Cuddeback Angle Bracket Review 04/22/2012
Bushnell Trophy Cam 119476 Camera Report 04/23/2012
Covert Black 60 Camera Report 05/05/2013
Covert Red 40 Camera Report 07/14/2012
Covert MP6 Camera Report 06/30/2012
Stealth Cam Delta 8 black Flash Camera Report 03/25/2012
Cuddeback Ambush Camera Review 02/27/2012
Custom1enterprises Mini Angle Bracket Review 02/07/2012
Murphy Metal Art Camera Mounting Brackets Review 02/04/2012
Stealth Cam Shadow camera Report 03/10/2012
Plotwatcher Pro Lens Pack Review 01/19/2012
OldBoys Outdoors Acorn LTL-6210 Camera Report 03/25/2012
Moultrie M80 XT Camera Review 05/19/2012
Moultrie M80 BLX Camera Review 05/19/2012
Uway UM562 MMS Camera Review 05/22/2012
Recon viper HD Camera Review 11/10/2011
2011 Scouting Camera Reviews (Current)
  Manufacturer/Model Last Updated
Minox DTC500 Camera Review 01/21/2012
Hunten Outdoors GSC22-70IR Camera Review 01/21/2012
Spypoint Tiny Camera Review 01/28/2012
DLC Covert Edge Camera Report 10/29/2011
Hunten Outdoors GSC30-50IR Camera Review 11/19/2011
Hunten Outdoors GSC30-30IR Camera Review 11/19/2011
Hunten Outdoors GSC20-70IR Camera Review 11/19/2011
WGI Red 6 N6 Camera Review 03/10/2012
WGI Pulse 10X Camera Review 10/29/2011
Spypoint IR Booster Review 09/21/2011
Bresser 360 Degree Camera Review 08/10/2011
WGI W6X Micro 6 Red Camera Review 08/23/2011
WGI Z4 (Flash 4) Camera Review 10/16/2011
WGI Z6 (Flash 6) Camera Review 10/29/2011
WGI N4 (Red 4) Camera Review 10/29/2011
WGI N2 Camera Review 03/10/2012
Primos TruthCam 46 Camera Review (Revisit) 10/02/2011
Primos TruthCam 35 Camera Review (Revisit) 03/10/2012
Leupold RCX-1 Camera Review 09/26/2011
Leupold RCX-2 Camera Review 09/26/2011
Spypoint Pro-X Plus Camera Review 10/02/2011
Uway NX80 HD Camera Review 07/30/2011
Primos DPS Deer Positioning System Camera Review 09/11/2011
WGI W8X Micro 8 Red Camera Review 09/05/2011
Moultrie L-50 Camera Review 07/09/2011
Stealth Cam Delta 8 Camera Review 07/18/2011
Day 6 Plotwatcher Pro Camera Review 08/18/2011
Primos SuperModel Camera Review 07/15/2011
Primos X-Cam Blackout Camera Review 08/21/2011
Moultrie M-80 Camera Review 09/25/2011
Old Boys Outdoors Little Acorn LTL5210MM Wireless Camera Review 05/24/2011
Cuddeback Attack IR Camera Review 09/27/2011
StealthCam Archers Choice Camera Review 07/08/2011
Moultrie M-45 Camera Review 04/17/2011
Moultrie I-40XT Camera Review (revisit) 06/21/2011
Spypoint IR-5 Camera Review 06/08/2011
PixController Raptor Wireless Camera System Review 05/24/2011
Moultrie M-100 Camera Review 06/07/2011
Moultrie Plot Stalker Camera Review 04/16/2011
Old Boys Outdoors Little Acorn LTL-5210A 940 Camera Review 04/16/2011
Old Boys Outdoors Little Acorn LTL-5210A Camera Review 04/16/2011
Uway NX50 Camera Review 05/31/2011
2011 Deer Attractants Reviews
  Manufacturer/Model Last Updated
Nutra Deer Antler Builder Mineral and Attract Review 08/02/2011
2010 Scouting Camera Reviews
  Manufacturer/Model Last Updated
Scoutguard SG565F Camera Review 07/15/2011
Scoutguard SG580 Camera Review 01/23/2011
Recon Viper Camera Review 06/21/2011
Hunten Outdoors C35-20IR Camera Review 12/06/2010
Hunten Outdoors C35-40IR Camera Review 12/06/2010
Hunten Outdoors C35-20S Camera Review 12/06/2010
Hunten Outdoors C35-40S Camera Review 12/06/2010
Spypoint IR-8 Camera Review 11/15/2010
WGI AC5X Action Camera Review 01/23/2011
Moultrie L20 Camera Review 10/09/2010
Wildview X35 Camera Review 10/13/2010
WGI IR4 (Remington R4) Camera Review 01/23/2011
Spypoint IR6 Camera Review 11/20/2010
Moultrie D55 Camera Review 08/31/2010
Bushnell Warranty Return and Customer Service Review 08/20/2010
StealthCam Unit Camera Review 10/13/2010
Moultrie D50 IR Camera Review 08/08/2010
Primos Truthcam X Camera Review 01/23/2011
Bushnell 119325C Camera Review 07/30/2010
Primos Truthcam 46 Camera Review 10/10/2010
WGI X6C Camera Review 10/04/2010
Bushnell TrophyCam XLT REVISIT 11/15/2010
WGI IR-8X Camera Review 09/19/2010
WGI D8 Camera Review 12/05/2010
Predator TrailEye XP 5mp Camera Review 07/25/2010
Moultrie D50 5mp Camera Review 08/15/2010
Field Tuff 5mp Camera Review 10/24/2010
UWay NightTrakker NT50B Camera Review 10/07/2010
UWay NightTrakker NT50 Camera Review 10/07/2010
WGI EBX Battery Pack Review 09/19/2010
Tasco 119215 Camera Review 07/12/2010
WGI IR5D Camera Review 10/04/2010
HCO Scoutguard SG570 Camera Review 08/29/2010
WGI IR3C Camera Review 09/19/2010
Ltl-5210 "Little Acorn" Camera Review 11/23/2010
Moultrie I-45S Camera Review 06/16/2010
Primos TruthCam 35 Camera Review 08/14/2010
Primos TruthCam 60 Camera Review 08/29/2010
Plot Watcher Time Lapse Camera Review 11/05/2010
Wingscapes PlantCam Time Lapse Camera Review 02/14/2011
Reconyx HC-600 Camera Review 01/29/2011
Plot Watcher Clone (PWC) Camera Review 02/14/2011
Moultrie I-35 Camera Review 06/13/2010
DLC Covert HR Camera Review 09/19/2010
Spypoint FL-A Camera Review 07/08/2010
HCO Scoutguard SG560 Camera Review 09/19/2010
Bushnell Trophycam XLT 07/18/2010
UWay XtendIR-B (black flash) Review 04/24/2010
Camtrakker MK-10 Camera Review 10/16/2010
How we perform trigger tests on cameras.

2009 Scouting Camera Reviews (Last Year)
2009 Hand Held Card Viewer Reviews
Leaf River PV-2.5 Multi-Card Viewer 05/08/2009
Custom1Enterprises Envue Field Picture Viewer 07/17/2009
Spypoint PV-2.4 Digital Picture Viewer 05/08/2009
Cuddeback CuddeView 4-in-1 Viewer 05/08/2009
StealthCam STC-CRV20 Card Viewer 05/08/2009
Read the Hand Held Card Viewer Analysis  
2009 Range Finder Reviews
HCO Okoo RF-1000S 04/08/2009
2009 Camera Security Bracket Reviews SG550 Bracket 08/06/2009 Covert II/Trophycam Bracket 04/04/2009 Cuddeback Bracket 04/04/2009
2009 Deer Attractants Reviews
Lucky Buck Mineral Attractant 08/19/2009


2005 - 2008 Scouting Camera Reviews (Previous)

Manufacturer Last Updated
BuckEyeCam Cameras 11/27/2008
Bushnell Cameras 09/19/2008
Cuddeback Cameras (Non Typical) 10/04/2008
DLC Cameras 03/21/2009
GamePlan Gear (bow video recorder) 10/29/2008
GobbleCam Cameras 10/15/2008
HCO HuntingCamOnline Cameras 04/19/2008
Kolpin Wildlife Eye  
Leaf River Cameras 09/13/2008
Moultrie Cameras 10/05/2008
Penn's Woods Cameras  
PixController Cameras 07/14/2007
Predator Cameras 10/15/2008
Recon Cameras 10/29/2008
Reconyx Cameras 11/27/2008
Roscoby Cameras 10/29/2008
HCO Scout Guard Cameras 09/04/2008
SmartScouter Cameras 08/15/2008
Spypoint Cameras 06/03/2009
StealthCam Cameras 09/17/2008
Timber Eye Cameras or Remington Ghost 01/01/2009
TrailMac Cameras  
Wildview Cameras 08/14/2008
WingScapes Cameras 04/09/2008
How we perform trigger tests on cameras.

Software Reviews
Trophy Score Antler Scoring software 06/25/2007
Buck Spy Technologies Game Management software  


Deer Attractants Review Page
C'Mere Deer 3 Day Harvest 11/05/2008



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