2009 Camera Preview

UWay Outdoor Products


We managed to get a couple of pictures leaked to us from the new manufacturer UWAY.  We have managed to get a pdf with some preliminary specs on two of the models.

Click here for pdf specifications on two models of these cameras.


Moultrie Here is the press release for the M2M technology from Moultrie: (this is a word document)
Moultrie Game Management System

(click on the pictures below to get a full size image)


Spypoint Well a lot of folks managed to stroll right on by the booth at the 09 ATA Show but that was not the case a week later at the 09 Shot Show. We only got word that there had been some upgrades in the MP ratings of their present (08) cams. Well they have kicked some butt and upgraded every camera they had plus came out with two new cameras. The models from last year will remain with the same nomenclatures which are the IR-A which has been upgraded to 6 MP and a 2 second trigger, the IR-B which is their 7 MP camera, and the top of the line IR-C which is 8 MP with view screen. The A,B,C cameras all are advertised as having 2 second trigger times. The new news is the introduction of a couple of new mini cams. First is the FL-A, it is a little over a inch taller than a Scoutguard and a little over an inch wider. These small cameras are actually a camera inside a case that is removable. You do your setup and mount the case to the tree and when it comes time to change settings or cards, you just open the case and remove the camera and when finished replace it in the case and lock it up. The FL-A has another unique feature and that is flash modules that are replaceable. Both white and red flash modules are made for this camera. It comes with a white flash module and you can order an optional IR module if you choose. The flash units just plug into the front of the camera. Batteries are 6 AAs or external 12v. Trigger time is also advertised as being 2 seconds. Some come in black only but others are available in both black and camo pattern. See the associated enclosures for pictures and charts of other specifications. We are excited and have been told we will receive cams for testing as soon as full production gets underway. This company has not disappointed us since day one when they brought out their first camera. They are going to be a strong player in the camera industry.

FL-A Specifications

PRO-X Specifications

2009 SPYPOINT Cameras Comparaison sheet

Reconyx Press Releases:


1080P High Definition Press Release


Recon Recon's 09 Viper
Dimensions on this new camera are as follows:
  • 7 3/4 inches tall
  • 5 inches wide
  • 2 1/4 inches thick

PDF Brochure:  Viper back  Viper front

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Wild Game Innovations

This pdf document lists the new cams coming from this company

Estimated Pricing is as follows:

  • s2  $69.99
  • s4  $89.99
  • ir4  $99.99
  • d6  $159.99

For the 09 market this company has come out with 4 new cameras built in the small boxes as last year. The first is the D-6 which is a 6 MP camera that operates on 4 D cells and has dual flash, both white and red. The case is the same as the case for the Timber Eye camera that we tested last year. They are trying hard to get a camera out that has a degree of function and is low in cost. The next 3 cameras are all based on last year's Timber View case and the cheapest will be a 2 MP camera like last year with a white flash which is picture only. The next cam up the line is the same camera but will do both pictures and video.. Also on the same case is the IR-4 which is a IR camera that will do pictures and video and will be red flash only.




Camera Specifications 2009 Line Up

StealthCam Products Includes 2009

(click for for full size)

Bushnell Trophy Cam

BuckeyeCam Being that their cameras have been very popular with the security people they evidently had some feed back about an area that needed more detail in the pictures. This is involving situations where a vehicle is involved in the security situation. They are working on a license plate mode that will enable the camera to better pick out more detail in this area.

Other upgrades will be the development of the standalone repeater units. Previous setups required the purchase of another camera/repeater to be used in the daisy chain repeater setup that they designed. Now when it is in full development their system can have a distant camera with just a remote relay repeater only somewhere in between to deliver the signal to the base. This will be much more cost effective for those who do not need the second or third camera in order to get the signal delivered to the base.

They are also working on some pretty exciting cellular base setups and cellular base repeater products. This is the area where several of the camera companies have moved into and knowing Buckeye this should be a first class setup.  This will provide internet delivery of photos from the field without the need to travel to the camera site.
DLC Our line of communications seems to be much better so this is what we were able to find out. We had to sneak a peak at things in the factory and that little bird has indicated that the 09 camera for Covert will be the same SG-550 based camera but with a built in view screen and programmability (no remote required). We are hoping that there has been some attention given to a couple other things that were indicated in the 08 cams, so that those problems are not seen in 09. This line at the factory is overwhelmed and it looks like first release will be late June or July if not later.

One of the Covert folks mentioned the up coming Covert III and said it was going to be different. Our bird has told us that this will not be a BMC camera and will probably be programmable in a similar manner to the Wildview camera (meaning switch programmable). The Covert II should still be the same with minor upgrades and still come from BMC but will be late coming out.

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