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2012 Uway UM562



2012 Uvision (UWAY) UM562/565 40 count red flash 8MP MMS digital camera review

We are seeing yet another layer of the big onion called BMC spin off with yet another company that is producing cameras. This one is going to be a HCO/UWAY exclusive with this MMS/standard camera offering. Out of the box and fired up with a new set of cells I played around with this little camera just a little bit prior to steeling down to the formal business of doing a review. Every thing seemed solid and my take was I could very much see a lot of the BMC influence in the outward appearance. The case is the same brown as the Bushnell xlt cameras and is a very good color for outdoor use. There is not much that stands out as far as being much different in appearance that other cameras of this type. It has a large array and should pump more than enough light down range. Below the array is the PIR wraparound lens and the camera lens is just below that. The back has strap/python loops and of course there is a short antenna on the top side. There is a tripod insert and external battery port on the bottom. Inside the camera there is a SIM card on the side (on the MMS model) and the normal USB SD card slots on the bottom. Inside top front is the view screen and the control/on-off buttons just below. 

This is an 8, 5, 3 MP selectable camera. The delay period will be discussed later in the review once we have some of the data settled that the factory is looking at this time. Trigger is rated just over a second and SD card size is limited to 8 gigs. In the video mode there are two settings of VGA @16fps and QVGA @ 20fps up to 60 seconds in length all with sound. There is a burst mode of up a 3 count. Not counting the antenna this camera is only 5.5 inches tall and 4.5 inches wide. The tank takes 12 AA cells which will probably give us some pretty good battery life. It could also be operated on any of the increments of 4 cells should you fail to have the full 12 batteries. There is a low battery indicator when it is time to make the change.

My fooling around in the dark room and outside gave me the impression that this camera is pretty fast and when I pulled the card and checked the picture quality, I was not disappointed. The color was accurate and sharp and clear. The night pictures with flash also were pretty good. The Cellular system will be tested last as soon as we can get through all the normal functions and have the official trigger and flash range tests done. Sensing range will also be done at that same time.

It is off to the hill right after the full lab work is completed. A couple of items that are also programmable is the flash range and password.

11-18-2011 update:  I have been getting a few sample pictures from the hill and see that the night with flash does pretty good, but the transition times are without color but no white outs. Some of the day color pictures are pretty dark but a hit on the brightness button on my software fixed that. The MMS function seems to work well as long as there is not continuous triggers then the camera will choose a picture just now and then to transmit. We have asked the factory about this and as of now we do not have an answer for that. This flaw is also the reason we are still waiting on the delay report on this camera.

12-10-2011 update:  The back and forth finally resulted in a change, but not in firmware but in the programmed MMS settings. Within minutes the amount of processed pictures just went wild. We started to receive literally hundreds of pictures one after the other. Somewhere in that program was a flaw but the engineers found it and now we seem to have a camera that seems to be very functional. We are still working on the PIR system and it will be a couple more days before we can make a final decision on our findings. There is a suspect that the PIR detection zone may be too wide for the camera FOV and we will know more about that very shortly. Just keep watching and we hope to have all the answers as they come.  From what understand these changes are still experimental as the finalize things.

Setup Software screen:

02/27/2012 update:  We finally got an intermediate battery life report on this camera.  The unit started sending emails on 11/16/2011 and sent its last one 12 weeks later for a total of 898 photos sent wirelessly.  We feel confident that the low activity area it was in prolonged this portion of the battery life test and should it have had more activity it would have taken more photos in a shorter amount of time.  For a 3 month period we feel this is acceptable battery life for the MMS portion of the testing.  The camera still has enough juice to continue taking photos but not send them wirelessly.  When the camera is fully dead we will make a final report.

05-22-2012 update:  This camera continued taking photos until 05-21-2012 when the batteries finally died completely.  We are surprised to find that even when there is not enough juice to run the MMS function the camera will continue to capture and save pictures to the SD card.  In our case it captured a total of 6920 photos on one set of batteries over a period of 7 months.


Trigger Tests
without flash (1.71s)

with flash (1.64s)


Day Range 8 Plate

Flash Range

3 MP Sample Photos

Photo Samples that are emailed via MMS




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