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2012 Plot Watcher Optional Lens review

We thoroughly enjoyed the review on the main unit last year but at that time these optional lenses were just coming out. This year they are readily available for those who wish to utilize them. This will be a short evaluation of their function and ease of use. 

The main unit the Pro series has a lens guard which is a press fit over a shoulder on the lens frame, Once removed you can see that there are female threads that will except the mail threaded end of the telephoto and wide angle optional lenses. 

Depending on your needs will determine which lens will work. Letís say that you have a long narrow food plot to watch. You could just use the Plot Watcher as is but with the telephoto lens you could look from end to end and not have to deal with the little tiny targets captured on the far end. Instead these would be brought in much closer. Using the same food plot and utilizing the wide angle lens you could go to the center side area and deploy and the lens could look both ways down the plot depending how far you are away from the edge. 

The security aspects with the Plot Watcher Pro are also a big plus. Wary criminals can spot security cameras very easy that are located on and about the premises. These can be circumvented in a lot of cases. With the time lapse camera it does not need PIR to work so it can be set at a distance with the right lens and all it needs is a small area for the lens to look out through to capture what is happening at a distance and it will never be seen. A good many of the areas that folks want to watch are occupied at night and vacant during the day when people go to work. This is a prime setup for an eye inside a birdhouse or such capture the bad guys as they do their deed. 

We are going to make some sample pictures to give a general idea of the function of these two lenses.

01-19-2012 update:  We did a setup where we locked down the camera in a solid fixed position looking at our flash range. We started the camera taking pictures and as it progressed we changed out the lenses one after the other while it was still running. This gives a representation of the different degrees of magnification using exactly the same target. Please view the example below to get an indication of just how well these new accessories work. We were favorably impressed with their function.

Sample Time Lapse video segment showing all 3 lenses
(click to play in original size/quality - 1280x720)





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