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2012 Stealth Cam Shadow

2012 Stealth Cam Shadow 54/36 count black flash* 8 MP digital camera Report

Six inches tall and four and a half inches wide this camera is built with that Delta 8, 3 D type housing. The color is 3D flat black and it sticks out off the tree two inches. There are strap loops and no bark grabbers on the back like the Delta 8. Case components are much lighter gage than the Delta 8 case also. We have chosen two cameras to report on this year and this one is one of them. The other was going to be the “Core” but it is a relabeled Titan from last year which we had and returned this will probably be replaced with a BF Wildview. Strap and (no USB cable) instructions were in the box. Door has a full rubber gasket for weather seal. Tri pod insert on the bottom center of the case. 

This is the first camera in what they advertised as being “no glo” that is coming from this company this year. The evaluation of visible flash distance will be evaluated to ensure that it is a true black flash or not. Trigger speed is advertized as 1 second and last years like claim on this company's cameras was never met so we must also look very close at this claim. The flash range is also advertized to be out to 50 feet. Video is programmable from 5 to 240 seconds and does not have sound. Maximum SD card size is 16 GB. Multi-shot burst mode can be set up to 9 shots. Delay time is advertized from 0 to 59 seconds and 0 to 59 minutes. There is no image view screen, only LCD plus buttons for programming. Info strip on pictures include date/time and moon phase/temperature. Camera operates off 8 AA cells or external battery through a bottom port. There is a programmable 2X and 4X digital zoom feature. Documentation was average and understandable. There are also time lapse capabilities through the programming. Picture count displayed on small front LCD.

  • Resolution: 8 MP

  • Trigger Speed: 1 second

  • IR or Incandescent: Black Flash Infrared

  • Flash Range: Up to 50 Feet

  • Video: Yes, 5-240 seconds

  • Audio on Video: No

  • Memory Card Type: SD, SDHC

  • Memory Card Size: Will accept up to 16 GB Card

  • Memory Card Included: No

  • Multi-shot: Yes, up to 9 shots

  • Programming Method: LCD Menu

  • Viewing Screen: No

  • Battery Type: 8 AA

  • Batteries Included: No

  • Photo Stamping: Time & Date, Moon Phase, Temperature

  • Time Lapse Mode: Yes

  • External Display: Yes, picture count

  • Camera Dimensions: 6" x 4.5" x 2"

The programming is straight forward menu driven buttons and LCD screen. There is no built in security on this camera. *Dark room observation of the array (switch selectable to 36 or 54) at 3+ feet during triggers indicated a barely visible glow. This observation would take it out of the black flash category and put it in the very low glow category. (See insert copied from manuals frequently asked questions below which calls it low glow)



01-21-2011 update:  Trigger testing resulted in a time of  1.7 seconds with out flash  and 1.5 seconds with flash which exceeds advertized time of one second by a half a second with flash and seven tenths second without flash which is much greater than one second. Delay time on the 5 second setting is timed at 11 seconds on average.

01-22-2012 update:  This update will deal with the audio on video function. The manual does not state that there is audio with the video but the picture diagram does however show that there is suppose to be a microphone. I then went to the sales brochure and it also does not state this either. I then scanned the specifications listed on the site where I purchased the camera from and those specifications clearly state no sound on video. One of our forum users has notified that he also has this camera and it does in fact have audio on the video. We have had this exact thing happen previously from this company before and we also had to make a correction to the report at that time. Because of this we now must say that this camera does have audio with the video mode.

The flash range tests (see pictures below) show about 25 feet on the 36 count setting and about 30 feet on the 54 count setting. The sensing was consistent 40 feet at 57 degrees.

02-02-2012 update:  We have had absolutely no interest in this camera for some reason. We did not get any daytime pictures or low resolution pictures as the deer are just cooperating. We are going to close this review and report on the battery life when ever that happens.

03-10-2012 update: This camera took 26 video clips and 450 photos in a period of 3 weeks and the batteries were dead.


Trigger Tests
(without flash 1.7s)

(with flash 1.56s)


Dead Pixel Test

Flash Range

Day Range/8 Plate

Zoom Tests
(the sun got into the lens a bit. Camera mount was fixed for all zoom test shots)

ZOOM = 1

ZOOM = 2

ZOOM = 4



Photo Samples HIGH ZOOM=1

Video Samples






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