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2012 Covert Red40


2012 Covert Red 40 8 MP forty count red flash digital camera report

Years back when we started there was a big conglomerate that had the title of BMC. This company was a nest for enterprising engineers who over the years decided that they could take their ability out and maybe produce a product of their own. It is our understanding that this new independent company has now begun to produce a product line which is finding some familiar names embossed into the front covers. One of which is now Covert. Our early test units from this factory proved to be very good. 

Now the 2012 lines are hitting the market we see now that this company is producing cameras for this company. Break up camouflage is the case color choice. They are small 4.5X6 inch sized but are feature rich. Front layout is a 40 count array at the top and a wide angle PIR just below. The main lens is centered just below that. This camera has a tri pod insert on the bottom and a un labeled external battery port. There is no voltage posted or polarity. When you open the camera up there is a 6V marking inside but still no polarity indication. The back of the camera has a Python cable loop and the normal loops for a strap. Inside there is a 12 AA cell battery holder on the back and a view screen with programming buttons below. SD card and USB/TV ports are on the bottom edge. Moisture gaskets were very good and locked up tight. Noticeable filter clunk on transition only.


  • Resolution: 8MP, 5MP, 3MP

  • Burst: up to 3 shots per trigger

  • Video: 640X480, 320X240 (no sound)

  • Video Length: 5 to 60 seconds

  • Sensitivity setting: High, Medium, Low

  • Delay: 0 seconds to 60 minutes (plus write time)

  • Time Lapse:  yes

  • Flash Range: 50+ feet

  • Pass Word Protection:   yes

  • Trigger time: With flash 1.1 seconds, With out flash 1.39 seconds

  • Sensing range: 60 feet at 74 degrees

  • View Screen: yes

07-14-2012 update:  This little camera has really hung in there and gathered a lot of pictures for its battery life. A total of 107 days it took 11263 pictures and 165 videos which is well above average. This report is closed.



Trigger Tests
(without flash 1.39s)

(with flash 1.11s)


Dead Pixel Test

Flash Range

Day Range/8 Plate



8MP Sample Photos

Video Samples






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