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2012 Custom1 Enterprises


2012 Custom1 enterprises Cuddeback Ambush/Attack camera bracket review

Last year we did the review on the Cuddeback Attack camera and the supplied mounting bracket was worthless. You would have to wrap it up in a dollar just to say that you had thrown something of value away. This year we did the Ambush review and their supplied bracket was better but not by much, it broke first time out. If you read the review you can see where I crudely manufactured a couple of brackets that worked much better. One of which was in conjunction with a Custom 1 mini angle bracket. 

These folks have taken it a step further and made what most anyone would call a first class bracket for both cameras. My tests showed they work very well. It will take more than the tug on the strap to begin to break one of these. The need for good proper aim on the Cuddeback cameras is absolutely critical. Their sensing zone is so narrow and short that being able to adjust the camera to the desired zone is mandatory. The next step is to get the target animals to enter that zone. This bracket should put your aim exactly where you need it. 

They also included a couple of their adjustable camouflaged straps that have a buckle that only takes a push on the paddle to set and release. These straps are rated by us as being about ten times better than the ones that come in the box with a new camera. They would be an asset to any brand name camera. 

If you happen to be a Cuddeback fan, you should have these in your inventory.

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