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2012 Bushnell  119512B

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2012 Bushnell 119512B 5 MP 18 count red flash digital camera review

This is a grey box and is termed a “land camera” which is aimed toward security more than wildlife. This grey box does not bother me because it is very much a natural color and with the addition of a little vegetation would hide very well in the woods. So far we have not been very impressed with the Keep Time cameras and their failure rate. This camera appears to be   SOCO mfg. camera. A number of the older Bushnell cameras were made by this company. Some of which were rated very good and had some extreme triggers that impressed many. 

This little matt finished grey camera measures four and three quarters of an inch tall and is about four inches wide. It sticks out less than two inches. The 18 count array is at the bottom and the function and light sensor are contained in the center of that array. The main lens is above that with the wide angle sensor at the top. The bottom has a tri-pod insert and there is strap/cable loops on the back. Inside the camera door is everything including the 4 AA cell battery holder, The SD (up to 32 gig) card slot is just above the battery holder and the LCD and programming buttons are at the top. There is a USB port on the side by the LCD. The back half of the camera is empty except for a small sponge to secure the cells when the door is closed. 

Programming was very easy and went with out issue. When you turn the camera on it will say “wait” then the date indicator on the LCD will flash. You need to hit the setup button and the camera will say “on” which is the armed indication. I did my dark room test and first off I would say that the array stays on a very long time (about 3 seconds). The trigger time and delay seemed to be very close to advertized times. The dead pixel test came out a little speckled. The flash pictures had good black and white and were fairly sharp and clear. The outside in fair sun the color was very good and detail was above average. I am starting to believe that this may be a little sleeper and will give us some real good results. This is a “four banger” and they still say that you can expect some great battery life so only time will tell. The Covert CA3.0 was a four banger and it got good battery life so this little camera might surprise us.

05-30-2012 update:  Just a thought, I wondered what a little camo would look like on this camera. I took a sheet of Chucks (Custom1’s) tape and in about 5 minutes I had a little different look. (see picture) I did not mention that this camera came with a set of Energizer lithium AA’s, which one of the four was bad. There was also a 2 gig card and a screw on type of swivel mount. My first impression of this mount was that if I taped a dollar to it and threw it away I would be loosing about 99 cents. There is also a programmable burst mode that will do up to a 3 picture set per trigger. For a hundred dollar camera this camera has many good features.

06-02-2012 update: The trigger bench let us know that the trigger time came in at 1.32 seconds for day and 1.25 for night function. It went straight to the hill where our resident deer crowd showed up for breakfast so we should have some sample pictures very shortly. Day range showed the same degree of picture quality as my initial tests. We might be able to gather some night range tests this evening.

06-03-2012 update:  The night range showed the flash to be good to 40+ feet and the sensing was 45 feet at about 60 degrees. For the price and getting a card with it and its first tank full of fuel this might be a pretty good camera. It is definitely better than the Moultrie LX filter clunk series that came out this year and cost about the same price. From what we understand also is that this is maybe a Sam’s club exclusive although I see some already being sold on Ebay. Sam’s being part of Walmart has a very good return policy should you experience any issues after purchase.

06-04-2012 update:  This little camera is doing a pretty good job except it has a tendency to have motion blur on the walking deer at night. I had the occasion to view the pictures from this camera and the Primos Ultra BO back to back and of course the BO with its larger array produced more light both had about the same blur and picture quality with maybe a plus going to this camera for the day time color saturation.

06-13-2012 Update:  For its little one hundred dollar price with card price this camera has shown that it has very good value and held it’s own while being tested along side other more expensive cameras. The flash is not as strong but for the range that it does work in it does it well. The Ultra 35 Primos edges this camera out in performance and was in the spotlight at the same time but we still liked this little camera. Please view the sample pictures and videos for evaluation.

06-21-2012 update:  We have made it through all the tests except to see how much longer this little camera will last on the 4 standard AA cells that were installed after one of the supplied lithium batteries was found to be bad. The over all function of this camera has impressed except it definitely does not have the strongest flash. We are closing this review and leaning it on battery life test until its tank is empty.

07-14-2012 update:  The needle was on E when we checked and we managed to capture 4467 pictures and 30 videos during the 33 day battery life. This test was done with its four standard Ray O Vac AA cells and not the Lithium that was shipped with it. This battery life would probably be double had those cells all been good out of the package. We had to substitute the standard cells once we found the bad cell in the package. This review is closed.






Trigger Tests
(without flash 1.32s)

(with flash 1.25s)


Dead Pixel Test

Flash Range

Day Range/8 Plate




5MP Sample Photos
5MP Sample Photos

Video Samples





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