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2012 Moultrie LX30IR



2012 Moultrie LX-30IR 12 count red flash 3/5 MP digital camera review

We were fairly impressed with the 50IR camera from this company until the filter clunk ran off most of our resident herd with their tails up in the air. I followed the 30IR camera that some had had already on one of the forums. I asked a few questions and filter clunk was not an issue. My contact person let me know that an updated version of the 30IR had been delivered to Academy Sports and I made the trip and bought one. This camera has now been upgraded to 5 MP through interpolation which gained a little higher degree of interest. They also stated that the battery life had also been increased to 90 days. 

Out of the box all looked good until I went to install the batteries. After a 30 minute ordeal, I managed to install the 4 C cells and managed to get the review pictures. From that time it was all down hill. The programming was difficult due to flakey switches. The filter clunk on transition was very loud. I started the initial testing and sensing at 70 degrees was very weak. The minimum delay was 1 minute according to the switch but proved out to be about 20 seconds past that. The trigger time is around 3 seconds when I could get it to trigger. The next thing was the picture quality. It was just plain bad. Even with very good light it was very fuzzy. The IR pictures all had blur and were terrible. 

I am not going to continue this review, because this must be a Friday night assembly line camera or it is just plain bad. If this is an upgraded version of the 3MP camera then I would hate to have purchased one of those. This review is closed. The $75 price tag will buy a whole lot more camera (another brand) than this camera and performance will far exceed what I found here. Things like 15 second delay and 1 second trigger with good picture quality.












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