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2012 Moultrie LX50 IR Black



2012 Moultrie LX-50 Black 30 count black IR low glow digital camera review

We were not going to do this camera and requested that maybe some person of adventure might take up the task on our forum. Well that did not happen and this being an “Exclusive” camera we reluctantly went ahead and acquired one. We have attempted to do two of the LX series cameras both the 50 and 30 editions in red flash. Both of those cameras failed to make it on into a formal review because of very poor function.

Because of the advertized feature rich functions we went ahead and did the dirty deed of opening the package. Instead of our normal procedure we went to the areas that caused the two previous LX cameras to fail. First off this camera is far from being a black flash. It is low glow that can be fairly easily seen out to 10-15 feet. The filter changes with every picture and the clunk can be heard at 20 feet real easy. The day pictures were respectable but the night pictures seemed to have IR burn even on distant subjects. Blur was also a big issue. Trigger time did seem close to advertized figures and delay is down to 10 seconds. Sensing was somewhat weak.

The selling price was $150 which puts it direct competition with other cameras that do come closer to black flash and do not have that dreaded hand full of marbles in a tin can filter clunk. The only area we might recommend this camera would be for some type of security function. Put in the wild it would probably not be an asset. This is about as far as we are going to take this review











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