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2012 HCO Scoutguard SG560C

2012 Scoutguard SG-560C 20 count white IR (LED) 8 MP digital camera review

The case is a subdued green camouflage color that is very easy to hide except for that bright array. The array is 1.25X2.25 inches and contains 20 amplified white emitters. Just below that is the PIR and main lens. This camera very much resembles all the Boly Media cameras in appearance. Inside everything is the same also with a LCD and control buttons and the 8 AA battery holder. All the ports are across the inside bottom edge of the main unit.

The trigger seemed to be around 1.5 seconds. The dark room color night pictures were somewhat fuzzy but had good color. Outside with good sun to my back the pictures in both resolutions were about the same as the video and displayed a degree of fuzziness and the contrast was lacking. Color was vivid and true but not to the point of being over driven. Sensitivity is adjustable and there is a 3 burst mode. Delay is programmable down to 0 seconds but my 5 second setting came out about 18 seconds. Time lapse is adjustable form 10 seconds to 8 hours. The TL function does not have an adjustable operating window and will run 24 hours a selected. Flash is not very strong but when it goes off in your face you know it.




Documentation was easy to follow and adequate. Programming is also very straight forward and requires that you hit “OK” after each selection. There is no security built in to this case other than a small lock loop on the door. We are now going to get this on the bench for all the official stuff. 

09-30-2012 update:  We had a little more time on this unit and the sensing was 70 feet at 73 degrees. Another surprise was that our first sample pictures in the top resolution came out better than the day range photos. This is probably due to a different lighting condition. The degree of fuzz was not as apparent on the actual animals. We may have some night with flash pictures soon if our resident herd cooperates.

09-30-2012 #2 update:  The results are coming at a rate that the writing is getting behind the function. The night flash range can say that it is pretty good out to about 50 feet. The night sample pictures are much better than I expected but still have a tiny bit of fuzz. My personal observations would say that it probably can stand beside the other strobe white flash cameras currently being offered with out being ashamed. The video trigger time came in at 1.98s which follows most ever cameras in that mode. The asking price is around $230 which puts its cost well above most strobe cameras but one thing for sure the strobe cameras will not give you any night video at all. This will not only give you video it will give you it will give you color night video. If the battery life holds up, we might be dealing with a pretty good camera. We have a sample picture set (see below) where a buck is right in front of the camera for several pictures and he did not seem to mind the flash at all. 

10-06-2012 update:  Our reviews sometimes start of a little slow and the initial findings don’t follow the official findings. This camera almost immediately hit favor with many who were following this review. I have been a big fan of the white IR cameras from the first Moultrie I tested and later the W4F Wildgame camera. This camera has taken it to another level and we feel that there will be a growing degree of popularity once more cameras enter the field. Most every test has gone well and the results published have been favorably accepted by many. Remaining is the battery life and so far that looks to be also in the plus column.

02-18-2013 update: This camera finally finished off its one set of batteries over a period of 18 weeks (4.5 months). The camera took a total of 3950 photos and 489 video clips.  This is pretty good battery performance.  This review is now closed.



Trigger Tests
(without flash1.29s)

(with flash 1.39s)

Video Trigger Test
1.98 Seconds


Dead Pixel Test

Flash Range

Day Range/8 Plate



Sample Photos HIGH
Sample Photos HIGH

Sample day time videos in very cloudy conditions
(the flash is going off)

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Some Sample Night Videos in the rain

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Sample Time Lapse video over 48 hour period

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