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2013 Uway MB500

2013 MB500 MMS black flash digital camera Test

The Uway MB500 is a well camouflaged black flash camera with GSM function.  This means that it can function as a stand alone black flash camera with HD video and audio recording capabilities while also being able to send photos to your email address and phone numbers.  It can operate in MMS (text messaging) and GPRS (data) modes.  In MMS it will consume a text message on your cell phone plan for each photo.  In GPRS it will consume a small amount of your monthly bandwidth on your cell phone plan.

It utilizes a color viewing screen that allows for photo viewing as well as video playback.

The battery compartment warehouses 12 AA batteries and Lithium Ion are recommended.  We always perform our battery life using Rayovac Alkalines which means battery life will be improved using Lithium AA or the external battery.

The sensing tests revealed sensing beyond 60 feet at 41 degrees.


Setup Utility:

01-28-2013 update: I turned off the GSM function and placed the camera in Video mode using the HD (high def) setting for 10 second duration.  The day videos (no flash) were a true 720p (1280x720) dimension while the night clips came out in VGA (720x400).  The camera will switch to a lower resolution for night automatically. I also noticed that the duration dropped from 10s to 2s on the night clips which is no doubt a result of a battery level.  I have pushed this camera hard in GSM mode and the battery levels are getting low.  The daytime video with audio was acceptable while the night clips were a bit grainy.  Please view the samples below.

02-22-2013 update: I just wanted to clarify the setup on this camera.  There is actually two ways to change the settings.  One is using the quick setup on the camera itself and the menus. A couple of quick settings changes and its ready for you to input your email address or phone number in the field with out using the computer.  However, if you prefer to use the computer setup program (see screen shot above) you can also do this.  Both were easy and straight forward.


Trigger Tests
(without flash 1.56s)

(with flash 1.39s)

Video Trigger Test


Dead Pixel Test


Flash Range

Day Range/8 Plate



MMS Photos sent via email
Sample Photos 5MP

Sample videos
(click to play)

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