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2013 Primos Blackout Super Charged

2013 Primos Blackout Super Charged black flash digital camera Test

This camera appears the same as this years Ultra Blackout but it is not.  Unlike the Ultra BO this camera has a 7mp rating.  One of the most noticeable differences this year is the change from a round pir sensor to the rectangular wide angle lens. You will probably still want to peal off that sticker on the front.

The camera runs on 8 AA batteries and settings are changed using the switches which means quick and easy setup in the field.  The python through design provides better than average security without a lock box.  Apparently, this camera is shipped as a package with the Super Charged battery pack which adds 16 more AA batteries to the original 8 in the camera.  This means 3 times more amp hours over the 8.  The camera will operate without the battery pack but according to the documentation this provides a higher amperage to the led array boosting the flash range.  We will see how this performs in the night range testing.

The nice thing about the battery pack is that is uses AA batteries and it attaches like an appendage to the camera and opens with it while leaving no wires exposed for those pesky critters who love to chew on plastic.

The sensing tests revealed detection to 50 feet at 38 degrees. The IR filter switches twice per day and makes a small click.  Theoretically this will occur twice a day rather than on every photo.


  • 7 Megapixel

  • IR Black Flash 60 leds

  • Photo and Video

  • Time Lapse

  • Time Lapse + Photo

  • Delay 5s - 30M

  • Video duration from 10s - 60s

The day and night range tests reveal decent clarity for black flash.

12-08-2013 update: This camera in a low volume area continue to take photos and I expect it will continue for a quite a long time with the juice it pulls from all these batteries.  The current picture count is at 2873 and the battery indicator still near the full mark.  We will continue monitoring this setup.  If you want a set up that will endure quite a while in the field this convenient package will do the trick.  The camera has performed constantly in the weather from hot summer temps through rain and cold of this winter and shows no sign of troubles.


Trigger Tests
(without flash 1.39s)

(with flash 1.65s)

Video Trigger Test


Dead Pixel Test


Flash Range
(with out super charger)

(with Super Charger)

Day Range/8 Plate



7MP Photo samples

Sample videos
(click to play)

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