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2013 Cabelas Outfitter Black IR

Note: The mount used here first is the new adjustable mounting bracket provided by Custom1 Enterprises.

This is the screw in mount provided in the box by Cabelas that comes with the camera.  It has several holes to allow for various mounting styles using the tripod port on the camera bottom.

2013 Cabelas Outfitter Series 8MP Black Flash digital camera Test

The Outfitter Black IR camera runs on 8 AA batteries that are inserted in the back of the camera while the camera is in the front door.  The controls and setup menus are all very familiar and did not require reading the manual..  This entry into scouting cameras by Cabelas has created some buzz on our forum since it is a proprietary design with some innovative features. I believe it is safe to say that this is a Boly Media Corporation design since the info strip and photo meta data indicate this.  The camera thus has a long heritage sprouting from lines of cameras starting with the ScoutGuard.  The camo combined with the textured face and led layout give this camera a unique look and should be able to blend in and hide well.

For security this camera provides a python through hole in the body of the camera that in my opinion is more secure than the type that has a thin flap holding it on top of the camera that we have seen in many manufacturers. Hopefully the 3rd party market will supply lock boxes for this new line of cameras.


  • 8MP or 5MP image resolution
  • 640x480, 16-fps video resolution
  • 940nm IR LED
  • 75-ft. illumination range
  • 85-ft. detection range
  • 1 +/- 0.2-second trigger speed

After performing the video trigger testing I determined that the video does have audio on this camera. Trigger testing and day range are completed and the trigger times are respectable. Please keep in mind that in north Georgia it now rains almost every day.  Finding some clear dry weather is likely to be difficult so take this into account when evaluating the photos.  It is WET here.

07-11-2013 update: I finally found an evening where it was not raining (rare) and got a flash range on this camera.  The sensing tests proved good out to 50+ at around 68 degrees.

08-18-2013 update:  We finished off the battery test using the time lapse function which operated flawlessly.  Some users have mentioned that a minimum of 5 minutes between shots in time lapse is limiting.  This camera took a total of 7715 photos and 363 video clips over a 6 week period.  This is a respectable battery life.  The batteries are dead and this review is now closed.



Trigger Tests
(without flash 1.21s)

(with flash 1.26s)

Video Trigger Test


Dead Pixel Test


Flash Range

Day Range/8 Plate



8MP Photo samples

8MP Photo samples

Sample videos
(click to play)


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