Here are some things you should not do !
Just when you think you are gettin good at this camera stuff, you slip up and make a stupid mistake (or three).
Well here is our top list of operator errors:
  • Memory card and battery change programming problems
Double check to see if the cam lost the date/time and settings during the battery change. We deal with multiple brand names and not all cams will hold the time date during the battery change. Repeatedly we have failed to check this.

Caution: It is our practice to carry multiple batteries and memory cards when we make our rounds to check our trail cameras. It has been reported that an individual was transporting the 6 volt battery for his Moultrie trail cam on the way to the field when the battery rolled under the cars seat. The protective caps that came on the battery had been removed and when the battery slid under the car seat it made contact with some metal and resulted in a fire that destroyed the individualís automobile. Some of the cameras we use have the larger 6 and 12 volt batteries similar to the computer UPS batteries and they also could cause a fire if not properly handled. Care must be taken when handling and transporting and be sure that the protective caps are re installed after charging to prevent the accidental shorting out of the terminals.

  • Camera alignment issues
Re-aim the cam to the desired point. The force it takes to install the batteries in the cam causes the camera to move on the stand or tree and when you come back you find a lot of butts and noses  on the edge of the picture.
  • Memory card and battery mix up problems
Keep the new empty memory cards separate from the used cards. Imagine you drive 50 miles back home only to discover that you have had a mix up and all your memory cards are blank and last weeks cards are reinstalled!  The same thing happens with batteries too.  (hint: the camera's batteries and cards are normally colder in the field than the new ones you brought with you)
  • Memory Card full issue
After the memory cards are brought in and viewed and all data is transferred to the computer, delete the contents so you are not taking a full card back to the field on the following visit.  If you make this mistake you are likely to get "memory card full" indication on the camera.

"and the #1 operator
issue of the year is..."



"I suggest you make a check list..."

  • "Oh no, the camera was not turned on!" problem

After the cam has its new empty card with the proper date/time and settings, re-aim the cam and


This has been our biggest mistake. Of all the mistakes we have made this seems to be the one that keeps repeating itself.

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