Moultrie M80BLX Camera Review

2012 Moultrie M80BLX/December 30, 2011


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CategoryScouting Cameras
Model Year2012
Flash TypeIR Black Flash
Battery Type? x AA
Test PerformedResult
Flash Range30+ feet and well illuminated
Trigger Time without flash1.98s
Trigger Time with flash2.81s
Video Trigger Time
Day RangeReadable out to about 30 feet
Battery Life4979 pictures over a period of 130 days
Filter Clunk
Invisible FlashVery close to true black flash
Motion BlurSome
Sensing Test50 feet at 35 deg F
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2012 Moultrie M-80 BLX 5 MP 30 count Black flash camera review

There is a process going on that has been taking a bit of time away from the review schedule but because of the announcement and subsequent interest of anything new and also having the black flash title, we pulled out one of our samples to take a quick look. We will have to say that out of the box this camera is very much the cousin of the somewhat popular M-80 review during this past year. The differences is that they have adapted the 940 LED’s and filter to produce what appears to be very close to a true black flash. Other than the change to a dark screen over the array and a firmware change to the burst mode this camera is nearly the same as the last year’s model. Having to deal with the wad of paper called a manual I scanned through and found some very welcome changes.

A card and some new tested cells and off to the dark room for a quick evaluation. I will say that they have done a very good job with this change and even though the array can be seen at about 3 feet it is so weak I don’t believe any animal would spook from it. The delay was also changed down to 5 seconds. The specification sheet is identical to the XT model camera so you can see that the similarities are close.

As with the XT camera this camera has no published warranty data or card in the package so we have to put this review on hold until that happens and we recommend that no one purchase a unit until we know what coverage there is and that there is a hard copy in the consumers hands for their protection.

I pulled the card after some dark room tests and then some outside sunlight pictures and noticed the sensing was pretty good (35 degrees) to about 50 feet during this test and the pictures were respectable though this early morning light was not the greatest for a great evaluation. I will have to do that later. This camera does not have the motion freeze feature seen on the XT version so those tests were not done. We will continue and do the trigger and some range tests but we are still on hold waiting warranty information.

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