Moultrie M80XT Camera Review

2012 Moultrie M80XT/December 30, 2011


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CategoryScouting Cameras
Model Year2012
Flash TypeIR Red Flash
Battery Type? x AA
Test PerformedResult
Flash Range30+ feet
Trigger Time without flash1.98s
Trigger Time with flash2.43s
Video Trigger Time
Day RangeReadable out to about 30 feet
Battery Life4152 pictures and 75 videos over a period of 130 days
Filter Clunk
Invisible Flash
Motion BlurMore with night pictures or when Motion Freeze feature is turned off
Sensing Test45-50 feet at 35 deg F
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2012 Moultrie M-80XT 5 MP 30 count red flash digital camera review

I have a source that that gets me cameras very early and I had not intended to even open these Moultrie cameras up until the turmoil of getting ready for the ATA show for Scouting Assistant was over. Because of the forum hype that was growing, I to managed to get my interest up so I opened the box and dug out a couple to see what the buzz was all about. I expected a very noticeable new product to come out of the package but it is very much the same product as the 2011 M-80 that we reviewed during that year. Physically it appears to be identical except for a light sensor change. This leaves maybe some internal hardware or firm ware differences. Scanning what was left of a product manual after it was machine pressed into a plastic wrapper which resulted in a booklet that was in a form that required that each page be ironed out in order to begin to read.

Going through the booklet after I managed to straiten the pages enough to read I found there are some really nice improvements listed. These are multishot-which has new options, Delay-which goes down to 5 seconds, Motion freeze-which changes the shutter speed down to 1/20th second from 1/4th of a second, plus probably some firmware handling of light to allow for the shorter speed.

Now this is where this review stops and we are on hold. I could find no warranty information or registration card in the packaging. So Moultrie could be pulling a Cuddeback on their customers. Last year we found that 6 month thing published in the Cudde manual and that eventually was changed to 18 months after we announced that point. Until we see where we have a published in package warranty, we would not recommend that anyone purchase one of these cameras.

You can see that we are only showing a couple of views of the camera because the appearance is the same as the 2011 M-80 so if other views are important then refer to that review for those pictures.

Going over a couple of things I found the last year’s booklet which I printed out and is strait is very usable for this camera. The delay period listed as 5 seconds seems to be a little long but not much longer. The trigger time during my initial tests appeared to be around 1.5 to 2 seconds. I am going to see just how well this motion blur change to the night time IR pictures works in the dark room in a few minutes. I am still having a problem with the warranty issue and hope this is just an over sight on their part. I completed the motion tests and there may be a difference when the motion freeze is on but so far it is hard to tell. We will have to do some field tests on the flash range to maybe get some distance testing on that feature to judge the effectiveness. The sensing was not very strong during my tests on the motion freeze because I was only using my arm to trigger and the camera seemed to be having a hard time seeing that motion. Seeing this problem I then took a trip outside on this 35 degree morning and it was catching me at 45 to 50 feet fairly easy.

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