Primos Ultra 35 Camera Review

2012 Primos Ultra 35/June 04, 2012


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CategoryScouting Cameras
Model Year2012
ModelUltra 35
Flash TypeIR Red Flash
Battery Type8 x AA
2012 Primos Ultra 35 Specs
Test PerformedResult
Flash Range
Trigger Time without Flash1.09s
Trigger Time with Flash1.13s
Video Trigger TimeNear 1s
Day Range
Battery Life15,556 pictures and 98 videos over a span of 50 days
Filter ClunkSlight at transition
Invisible FlashLow Glow
Motion BlurModerate
Sensing Test
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2012 Primos Ultra 35 Red flash 35 count 3/1.3 MP digital camera review

Last year the big old 35 camera from this company became one of my favorites and has been on constant duty ever since. I am hoping that this Ultra version of the 35 will fall into the same zone. I am not going to report on any of the particulars which are all listed in the Blackout review so just refer to that for all the dimensions and such. The only differences in this camera and its big brothers are a smaller image sensor and a different array. The sensor is listed as 1.3 and is interpolated up to 3 MP to reach the top resolution setting.

The balance of the differences is just the flat (satin) black case which does not bother me and a lesser flash range. All the programmable features are the same and use the exact same set of switches to accomplish that task. This appears to be a big step up in design from last year and if the function is also in that same class then this will be a sweet little unit.

Out of the box it was determined that the sticker has to go on this camera also. Here is a hundred dollar camera that does time laps and video and has a near one second trigger time. It will also do TL plus PIR if selected. Everything is done by switch. The switches in this camera are far better than the switches I had on to original Blackout version. This camera also has good strait springs in the battery holder. So far I have seen any of the issues found of the BO version.

I headed for the dark room and captured some flash pictures and evaluated the delay and all that was in order. The flash duration is in the one second timeframe. The delay was running the 6 second range unofficial. The flash pictures were a bit fuzzy as expected and the day pictures have that low cut good color saturation. That same white tint that we seen in the other two Ultra cameras is also seen on these pictures. The firmware upgrade on those cameras did help some. We do have another firmware for this camera that we are going to be trying when the time comes.

Progress and Activity
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06-27-2012 update

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